Sunday, September 15, 2013

Zakka-Along 2.0...Paper-Pieced Pencil Case 2.0

Do you remember that earlier this summer I stitched up my first version of the Vintage Pencil Case in Patchwork, Please!  as a gift ?
Well, I loved it so much, I wanted  needed to sew one to keep. ;o)
My second version is similar to my first - once again, I increased the size of the linen pieces surrounding the paper pieced pencils and I used letter stamps to add some text (...oh, and I couldn't resist including some polka dots again ;o).
A fabric marker was used to ink my letter stamps for the text I added around one section of the paper-pieced pencils.  The ink is permanent after being set with an iron.  A very simple way to add something extra to any project.
The quilting I added was minimal, because really, what can compete with those marvelous teeny, tiny pieced coloured pencils, anyways? ;o)

Draw. Print. Write. Create.  Worthy pursuits and all of which seemed so fitting for my new pencil case.
However, when it came to the reverse side of the pencil case, I wanted something more. Something that really would make this pencil case MINE.   So, with a loose idea in mind, I pulled out my scraps and began stitching random bits of fabric together. 

I do love tiny bits of scraps reworked into something new.  It's always nice to see even the tiniest bits given new life!  Looking over what I had made, I settled on a select colour scheme and then tossed in some scrap pieces of my linen, played around a bit with the layout and came up with this.
I love it!

The patchwork colours on the back helped me select the colour of the zipper and fabric for the lining.  Happy, bright and energizing! Colours to stir my creative juices. ;o)
A pretty place to keep my fabric markers!
Once completed,  I immediately began filling my new pencil case.  The increase in size from the original pattern given in the book ( I found the original size a little small lengthwise), allowed everything to fit in quite easily.

I now have my own pretty case to keep me organized and ready at a moment's notice for taking my writing/drawing tools with me.  A win, win project!
 Surprise, surprise, I even managed to finish in time to join in with everyone else in the Zakka-Along this week. ;o) 
So happy that I can add my pencil case to the link over at
 A Quilter's Table along with all the other creative versions that have been made this week.
I'm off to celebrate and marvel that our youngest is 19, today.  Whoa.  I can't believe that he's now the same age that my husband and I were when we first met as Freshmen.  Yikes!  Where do the years go?
Wishing you a very happy Sunday!


  1. ANOTHER cutie! Thank you for sharing! I can hardly wait to try this out!!!

  2. Katherine!
    The front is nice, but the back with your own design is Fantastic!!!
    Love your ideas and your scraps!!!

  3. I love this one - the back as much as the front. Just delightful!

  4. To me, Zakka automatically means ... upsize to 125%, lol. The project photos rarely seem like miniatures, but experience has shown me that there WILL be resizing ;)

    Love your newest bag - especially the patchworked back and that sweet colour combo - yummy!

  5. Wow Katherine, this is so cute! I love those tiny pencils and your scrappy patchwork with happy colours! x Teje

  6. Absolutely lovely - I always adore the combination of linen with bright pops of colour!


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