Monday, October 14, 2013

FAL Q4 - The List

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!
Whew.  The past week went by in a blur and I'm so glad to have a holiday weekend to do some catching up and relaxing.  It has also given me a chance to take stock and begin planning for some end of the year finishes.  I decided to be bold this quarter, so there's quite a list. ;o)
Are you ready?
  Trying to decide if I'll make one large quilt or two small ones.  Still have a couple more blocks to sew, either way I decide to go...
 Blocks are made, but due to the varying sizes of those blocks I need to fashion a grid onto my design wall to help me proceed with the layout I envision.

 This project has been on my list for each quarter of 2013.  I'm making mini blocks and have sewn half of the total blocks I will need to make this into a king-size quilt.  The strategy to get more blocks made is to use these as "leaders and enders" to help guarantee a finish by the end of the year.  Fingers crossed that this will work!

I want to add some sort of border and I may add a few more touches of machine embroidery to finish this project that I dreamed up.  Can't believe it's been unfinished for a couple of years now. 

 I need to make as many blocks as possible using the remaining lime fabric I have on hand - so not sure what size this will end up being. Just want it done!

 Since sewing these initial 4 blocks back in January, I have avoided continuing this quilt.  Still not sure I like what I have going, but I have been told it will look better the more blocks I make.  Time to see if that's true. ;o)

  Yet another project that has been put aside for quite some time.  I have removed some parts as I wasn't happy with what I had and know I just need to stop dithering and finish.

8.  Snowman Faces
  I whipped up these cute fellows a year ago and then stalled out on a finish for them.  I've begun sketching projects using them and would love to have them for decorating for the holiday season this year.

9.  Nordic blocks. 
 I'm finally sewing up blocks I've had designed for about a year.  I'm still playing with project ideas for them and would love to have them ready to share as a PDF pattern this quarter.

  Yes, this WIP has been on a couple of FAL lists, too.  I've pieced more scraps together for this and still need to work out what I'm making with this scrappy yardage. 
 The time has come for this to be a finish!
Okay, before I overwhelm myself any further, I'm going to stop at 10. I have plans to do some other sewing along with this list - I have another list for clothes I hope to finish,  a list with the patterns I'm writing and gifts to make list as well.  Yes, I think that should keep me busy this quarter. ;o)
Time to link up my list with Leanne and all the other lovely ladies participating in the homestretch of this year's Finish-A-Long.   Best of luck to  each of you!

she can quilt


  1. Hi Katherine! Wow, very impressive list and several works I haven't seen yet. At the moment I'm mostly interested about your Nordic blocks! Could your please show more! That spider fabrics as great! x Teje

  2. So much to look forward to here! What a fun list!

  3. What a fun list! Best of luck to you this quarter. I really like your swoon colors and your Nordic blocks have me intrigued :)

  4. My 2 cents worth:
    1. #4 first because DANG that's cute, and I think it's been aging for just the right amount of time :D
    2. #5 second because I love that block design so I think it should get completed and displayed for Halloween :D You could even just finish the blocks and hang it that way for this year!
    3. #8 because those snowmen are just TOO cute!
    4(a). Use the online random number generator to pick projects randomly ... or ...
    4(b). Do the easiest/quickest ones first - I love crossing projects off of my To Do list, and when I'm working on 1, I want to get to the next one so I work harder to complete projects!

  5. If you are becoming overwhelmed, imagine being me after trying to keep up with all these! I have all of 2 unfinished works and that is making me crazy. I like finishes. So I'm looking forward to seeing all these as finishes soon. LOL Have fun!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving too!!! My sister has busy making turkey yesterday - I miss home!!!

  7. A very belated Happy Thanksgiving Katherine! Love your Swoon blocks!
    Good luck with finishing stuff!!

  8. I love a person with a list longer than mine. Great projects. Now all you need is time and energy.

  9. Wow those are some incredible projects that you are working on. I am still working from my UFO list from January, but happy to have only 2 projects left on it. I really want to do a Swoon quilt too. Good luck completing projects. SEW SEW SEW

  10. Those are some wonderful projects! I couldn't choose a favourite but the green and blue and the granny blocks are gorgeous!

  11. awesome - i love Improv Squares and Possibilities - hope you have accomplished some or all of your list!


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