Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I said I would

take that tote I finished on Friday and fill it!
All that sewing loot was gathered in less than 2 hours at the Creative Stitches and Crafting Alive
expo on Saturday. ;o)
I did find the things on my "must-have" list, along with a few "can't pass this up" finds. 
 Here's the total haul....

Lots of goodies for me to enjoy sewing with!  Besides fabrics and threads I found a specialty ruler (hexies will be easier to cut), a Frixion pen (for non-permanent marking on fabrics) and some specialty paper (for stabilizing when embroidering) - all things that weren't on my "list", but things that caught my eye and have me eager to try.
Top on my list, this year, was some machine quilting threads from
 Last year at this same show, I picked some up to try and I discovered how lovely they are to work with.  This year, I knew I HAD to buy more.  I not only picked up some machine quilting threads in a couple of basic colours,  I treated myself to some pretty variegated 50wt (Tutti) and 12wt (Fruitti) cotton threads,

 then was lured into trying some sample packs of  8wt Rayon (Razzle) - for hand embroidery,
colour theme packs of  40wt Rayon (Splendor) for machine embroidery,

Special pricing meant for the price of 2 boxes, I got 3! The colours are luscious.
and then I received this lovely sample pack of threads as a free gift from WonderFil! (squeeeeal!!)
  There are 15 different threads in a variety of weights and fibres -  which I'm quite excited to try.  I'm especially keen to try the 100wt thread (Invisafil) which is amazing for needle turn applique work (you should have seen the sampler on display in their booth - you couldn't see the thread at all on the applique!). 
Thanks so much to Charlotte at WonderFil,  for all her help, answering my questions and for showing me the vast array of gorgeous threads they offer. 
Stay tuned... because I will be sure to blog about my experiences with each of the threads as I use them.  You know I love to recommend good products when I find them!

Better than a box of candy!
Once the thread haul was amassed, I wandered from booth to booth looking at fabric.  I was on the lookout for some Kate and Birdie fabric and managed to find a jelly roll of Winter's Lane and then a charm pack of Bluebird Park. Score!  I even found a charm pack of Sew Stitchy (which I'd also hoped to find as I have something in mind for using it).  I couldn't resist a few other random fabric purchases, as the prices were too tempting. :o)
Lastly, it was a surprise and a delight to find some Fat Quarters from the Paris Flea Market line.  I'm slowly collecting some soft, romantic fabrics for an upcoming project and these will work beautifully.

All but the second fabric from the bottom are from the Paris Flea Market line.
Obviously,  I had a really good time this past weekend getting my creative fix as I wandered from booth to booth at the show.  There was so much to admire and be inspired by - a perfect finish to the month.  Now that I'm stocked up with threads and other treats, I'm set to sew up a storm. ;o)


  1. You'll love the Frixion pens (if you haven't tried them already) - they're fabulous! I have them in about 5 colours, lol. If they made a white one (for dark fabrics) I'd be in heaven! Those threads are eye candy - especially the variegated - YUMMY!

  2. whoa! looks like you had lots of fun.

  3. Wow - what beautiful threads! Looks like you are all set to sew up some more beauties Katherine :) x

  4. Oh, now!
    I was at market and had those spools in my hand and let them stay with the dealer!!!
    I have too much threads at home and have to use them first!!!
    The fabrics are romantic and so cute!


  5. gorgeous threads. I'm too scared to try new ones after the Aurifil issues I had, I'm sticking to Gutterman!


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