Thursday, October 17, 2013

Just a peek...

at some of the lovely fabrics that found their way here this week,
Sales are so tempting this time of year - as is this colour bundle I made from orders placed to different online shops.
 that I can't stop playing with and admiring.
Perhaps some candidates for those final Swoon blocks? :o)
Meanwhile, I'm working on a finish to share tomorrow
Seriously crushing on this fussy cut applique!
and then I have to  dig out my machine from the avalanche of fabric...
 tidy up my creative messiness. ;o)

Yes, even my serger has seen some action.  More to come on that!

Quick! Scroll back up to those pretty fabrics and try to forget about the mess. :o)
Then, come back tomorrow to see what project caused this mess.


  1. Oh GAWRSH (sp? LOL!) --- the fabrics - the fabrics - so lovely!! And the SCRAPS THEY WILL MAKE - swoonworthy! I have a pile of Brrr! scraps that I can't stop fondling every time I go into the sewing room -- I'm going to use up every last piece in zipper pouches - I even bought some polar bear buttons to use on them :D (Will finish the last Brrr! quilt tomorrow - SO excited!)

  2. Thank you so much for showing your sewing space. I feel more normal now. ;-)


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