Monday, October 7, 2013

Zakka Along 2.0: Patchwork, Please Prettified Pincushion

I can hardly believe this is the last week of the sew along!  Yes, that means that this project is the last one in Ayumi's book, Patchwork, Please! and it's one of my favourites.  The design is so cute and the pincushion is very practical in it's size and shape.
I decided to see go with a sewing theme in my fabric choices and was delighted with the results.
The scissor print was perfectly sized for paper piecing the top

and I couldn't resist the button print or the 'how to iron a shirt' fabric for the sides of the pincushion.
Then, for each of the two self-covered buttons, I fussy cut 'buttons' from the fabric I used in the sides.  Love how well they worked!
This project made for some quick and satisfying paper piecing.  Ayumi's delightful designs have me appreciating paper piecing in a way I didn't before.  I now understand the appeal - the precision achieved with tiny pieces is remarkable (I'm thinking specifically of those paper pieced pencils in the pencil case project).  I had no idea just how much fun I would have piecing such little bits! lol
So happy that I can add my pincushion to the link over at
 A Quilter's Table along with all the other creative versions that will be shared this week.
Huge thanks to
 Lindsey/LRStitched and Debbie/A Quilter's Table
 for the wonderful job they did hosting the Zakka Along. 
 It's been an inspiring and fun 19 weeks, ladies!
P.S.  Looking for a complete round-up of the projects from this book that were sewn during the sew along?
  Check out the Flickr group!


  1. oh this is downright darling! I love the sewing theme and your covered buttons are just the right touch! Thanks for the thanks - it's been a pleasure sewing along with you!

  2. Seriously perfect pinnie. I love the way you used the scissors fabric, and the button fabric.

  3. I like your pinnie!
    It´s cute and you fuzzie cutted the scissors real good!
    Great work, Katherine!

  4. Excellent fabric choices, Katherine! You nailed it!
    Pinning your pinnie.

  5. So cute! I love how you fussy cut those scissors!

  6. The fussy cut scissors slay me. It's a super cute pincushion pattern to begin with, but your interpretation? To die for.

  7. Hi Katherine! That's a cutest pin cushion! I love the fabrics and buttons! Paper piecing is really fun and only way to make tiny shapes. I was also surprised that I enjoyed it so much. x Teje

  8. Lovely that pin cushion!
    I’m still daily using the one you’ve sent me in a swap!

  9. WOW when I first saw the top picture I was sure you must have stamped those scissors panels - how perfect that they were just the right size for the project! And of course paper piecing is a great way to get those perfect and accurate points :)

  10. So cute! And perfect fabric those scissors!

    Kimberly :)

  11. LOVE this, Katherine! The fussy cut scissors are fabulous!

  12. Ooooh, this is just fabulous!!! I have some of that scissor print and might have to copy off of you! I love this project, and your version is just so clever and sophisticated.


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