Thursday, November 7, 2013

All kinds of happy

I'm still pinching myself in disbelief over the arrival of a most generous giveaway prize.  I found myself among 3 lucky winners of the Fat Quarter Shop's Fall Quilt Market prize of four (yes! 4!!!!) gorgeous quilting books.  Wow, wow, wow and wow.  Seriously.  You can bet I had to practice some deep breathing techniques when I got the news, I was that excited. ;o)
I've already done a quick thumb through of each of them and look forward to spending some lovely leisurely time savouring each one in turn.    Yes, you can be jealous now.  ;o)
  Maybe, it will help if I promise to share more about them as I spend time going deeper into them?
 I know I will be bookmarking all sorts of projects I want to sew. Yay!
Huge thanks to Kimberly Jolly and her team from the Fat Quarter Shop for spoiling me rotten and making me all kinds of happy.
Something else that is making me all kinds of happy is my progress on a new project.  Yesterday, I was hand embroidering and today I tackled some machine applique for it.  Each of these allowed me the opportunity to use some of those new threads I bought this fall at the WonderFil Threads booth.  I'm giving two thumbs up on both types of the thread I tried.  They worked beautifully!
40wt Rayon (Splendor) for machine embroidery
Seeing the combination of machine applique with my hand stitching is making me smile.  I love it when an idea works out!

8wt Rayon (Razzle) - for hand embroidery

Less you think that all I do is start new projects, between working on this  project, I'm finishing up a flimsy and laying out the blocks for another. Both are on my FAL list for this quarter . The sewing machine is at a steady hum as I try to make a dent in my project list.  Go me! ;o)


  1. Yes, my dear friend!
    Now I envy YOU!!!
    Those books!!!
    I tried hard to get my hands on
    Lori Holts book in a couple of weeks now, but it seams that the swedish company, where I buy my quilting books, just can´t get it!!!
    Might as well start a happy dance for you instead.
    I don´t like to go and be sad with envy that other people have things that I don´t have!
    But when we bought my new Janome (last month)I got a whole package of that wonderful thred!!!
    Badly written english, but I´m in a hurry.
    We are going out for one of those walks in the lovely Swedish autumn
    Kram Maja

  2. congrats on the awesome win.
    love your hand embroidery

  3. Katherine, I confess I'm jealous - please enjoy those books and share some inspiration! I know your weekend will be great! x Teje

  4. Lucky you! I look forward to seeing what you think of them, especially Zakka and Lori Holt's new book.

    The hand embroidery is lovely, the stitching is so perfect.

  5. Well, I can see perfectly why this would make you happy!

    What fun!

  6. I really can understand that you are so happy!!
    Good luck with the new books!They look great!

    Hugs Gudrun

  7. Lucky you - I have Zakka Handmades - it's a great book :) Quilty Fun looks fun too, if you'll pardon the pun :D

  8. Congrats on your win you lucky duck :) I hope you have time to curl up on the couch and enjoy some tea and your new books this weekend.

  9. Lucky you! I love the new Lori Holt book and think you will too.

  10. oh congrats those are awesome books! can't wait to see all of your new project!


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