Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bright and beautiful

Currently it's -8Celsius here in Calgary, so I'm inside nursing my cold, but enjoying the view from one of my windows.
Sunshine + ice crystals = beautiful!

Also,  I wanted to remind you all that tomorrow you can tour my beautiful country, from coast to coast, from the comfort of your own home (don't worry, not all stops will have such winter scenery ;o).  It will be a fun week!  I hope to see you, as I stop in at the blogs being shared each day.

The Host Blogs:
Monday, November 18BCHollyHolly's Red Bike
Monday, November 18BCHeatherWinding Bobbins
Tuesday, November 19MaritimesAdrienneChezzetcook Modern Quilts
Tuesday, November 19MaritimesMarjorieMarjorie's Busy Corner
Wednesday, November 20ABKatherineSew Me Something Good
Wednesday, November 20ABAndreaUrban Quilt Works
Thursday, November 21SKFloButterfly Quilting
Thursday, November 21MBKathyTamarack Shack
Friday, November 22QCIzzyDizzy Quilts
Friday, November 22TerritoriesDanielleA Geeky Crafty Life
Saturday, November 23ONJackie Jackie's Art Quilts
Saturday, November 23ONKristaKrista Quilts
Thanks to Sew Sisters for organizing such a wonderful event!


  1. Sunshine + ice crystals = the most beautiful when they're on someone else's window, LOL!! It's 13C here right now - hubby is outside in a long sleeved t-shirt, bbq'ing burgers for supper :D Alas this is the last day of the unseasonably warm spell - tomorrow it's only going to be 6C with mixed rain/snow. BOO :( :D

  2. Pretty snowflakes! Looking forward to the tour!

  3. Oh, those lovely snowmen is back in your header!
    Snowflakes on your window looks so nice!
    Soon we will have it here too!
    Tonight´s walk with the dog was a cold one. It was frost in the grass and the sky was full of stars.
    It´s going to be a very cold night here!
    Hope you are feeling better dear friend!

  4. Looking forward to touring Canada as you lead us through all those inspiring blog stops! Love the pics... Not the cold! Ho, Ho, Ho! Did you know? Only 37 sewing days left to go!

  5. Oh, so pretty!

    Looking forward to catching at least some of the blog hop tomorrow.

  6. We do Fahrenheit here so I had to look for a conversion table. It's really cold where you are! I love your crystal photographs. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing them.

  7. Snow flakes are amazing! Get well soon! This will be fun week visiting all those blogs and to see what you have made! Happy week! x Teje

  8. Love your new blog header Katherine! Those ice crystals are beautiful!

  9. Good Morning! Love your new header. So 'festive'!! Looking forward to your Canadian Blogger post!!

  10. wow love the pillows, everything on your blog speaks to me. I am a new quilter and I am thinking a pillow might be a good place to start, I do belong to a quilt guild which I just joined and everyone is so nice and I love all of them.


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