Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Checking in

Happy Tuesday!  I'm still here and I'm still in the throes of a cold.  I'm getting very tired of coughing and going through facial tissue at a steady rate.  The upside of being sick is that I get to stay indoors (avoiding our recent cold spell... it's -15 Celsius on the thermometer but feels like -27 thanks to the wind chill... Brrrrr....).   Hello, November in Calgary!   We had fresh snow overnight and it's blowing around out there at the moment, so it feels a little strange to be working on a project that represents a season so unlike the current view out my window.
Despite being under the weather, I have made a few more blocks and am now tweaking my layout on the Modern Maples quilt.   I'm having lots of fun working on this (oh, the colours!) and think I'm ready to start piecing the top together.  Yay!
I'm also getting ready for my day as co-host (tomorrow), on the Blogathon Canada hop which is happening this week.  The first two days have been great!  It's so exciting to meet so many talented quilters across Canada.  I hope you're following along - there's lovely giveaway prizes at each host blog, PLUS daily giveaways at Sew Sisters.  


Okay, I'd best get back to getting myself prepared.  I hope to see you here tomorrow...


  1. I hope you get well soon, Katherine! Your leave project looks great! Oh how cold it is there! Many things are difficult here in Greece but the weather is the best - again today sunshine and from the morning's heavy shoes I changed later to flip flops! Now late in the evening it's a little chilly again.
    There has been indeed fantastic give ways! x Teje

  2. Poor thing...hope you feel better soon! The quilt is looking beautiful in those colors. :O)

  3. I really like your layout! It appeals to me that some leaves are falling - it really adds to the overall visual!

  4. Your Fall quilt is awesome.Hope you have a speedy recovery!!

  5. dang cold, hope it goes away soon. Looking forward to hopping around Canada blog land!

  6. Love the grid that's coralling your blocks and helping you figure out block size and placement - it's quite brilliant!

  7. I actually envy you. I would love some snow here in Toronto.

  8. Wow, you're winter comes early in Calgary. How long does it last? 6 months? We're kind of the opposite in Australia, 6 months of summer, but some of its so unbearably hot you can't do much outside. I made an autumn leaf quilt recently. I actually made it in red and white for my cousins new baby boy. His Mum, Kristen, is a Canadian from BC, so I went with a maple leaf design and Canadian colours to represent his other homeland.


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