Friday, November 15, 2013


Despite appearances here, (or rather, my lack of appearing here...) I have been sewing, albeit quietly
The shorter hours of daylight are making photo taking trickier to accomplish... 
but, if you look past my sewing machine (and mess) and you will see that my swoon blocks are finally a flimsy and half of the backing has been pressed for it. About time, right? 
 I also rounded up a helper so that I could mark a grid onto a sheet using tape.  This meant I could work on my Modern Maples layout.

I used a queen sized flat sheet with some masking tape to mark out a grid for block placement.
So far, so good.  This is working really well for helping me combine the 3 different sized blocks.  Now I can see that I need to sew a few more of the smallest size to help me convey the sense of swirling leaves, which was my design goal with this quilt.  I can hardly wait to start quilting this!

Not all those blank squares in the layout will be background fabric only... I see I need a few more of the smallest sized blocks to add to my design (the full design isn't visible - my sewing table blocks your view).
Along with these two large projects, I've been quietly working on some smaller things that I can't wait to share.  However, I may have pulled one too many late night sewing sessions.  I came down with the most horrible swollen and sore throat late yesterday, meaning I didn't get much sleep last night and that I feel rather yucky today.  Totally caught me by surprise, as I can't even remember the last time I had a sore throat.  My family is steering clear but also confused to see me sick as I'm usually the one that skips getting sick.  I guess it was my turn. ;o)  Anyways, it looks like I better slow it down today and see if I can't kick this.  Time for more tea and a nap!


  1. Your swoon colours are to die for!!! Sooo fun and pretty - and if that's the backing beside it...OMG, you found the perfect fit!!!!

  2. I hope you're feeling better soon! Great job on the swoon, and the modern maple looks like it is coming along very nicely!

  3. Your progress on the Swoon and Maples is gorgeous! Sorry to hear you are not feeling good. Hope it passes quickly!

  4. Rats..sorry to hear you're under the weather. Must have been too many late nights, as you say.

    Wishing you speedy get well... lots of tea and naps.

    Enjoyed the pic of your sewing corner...looks cozy.

  5. Beautiful view behind your (equally beautiful) sewing machine :) Get some rest - the quilts will be waiting for you, and you'll work better when you're 100%! It's going to be a long winter - you have time :D

  6. Great quilts you're working on! The swoon is a beauty and the leaves are also. No fun being sick. I hope you're better quickly.

  7. Gorgeous colors, so rich. I love the way the leaves are scattered on the design wall.
    Hope you soon feel better. Being sick is such a drag.

  8. That fiest picture is gorgeous, those beautiful and take good care . It is the season for swollen throats.

  9. I hope you will be on the mend soon Katherine!
    Taking pictures during Fall and Winter is always a challenge, isn’t it?
    Love your home made quilt grid and the Modern Maples blocks look gorgeous!!

  10. Hi Katherine! Great idea to make the grids on a sheet! Your leaves look fantastic! Looking for to see your secret project! Have a great weekend! x Teje

  11. Hope you feel better soon...wish I was half as productive as you!

  12. Get well Soon!
    Hope for lot of sewing in the weekend.

  13. Great progress and hoping you are soon better! A nice nap will certainly help!

  14. Hope you feel better soon. Your quilt is going to be quite epic!


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