Saturday, December 7, 2013

Couldn't wait to share!

I wanted to show a peek at my progress with my snowman embroidery piece. 
 He now has a patchwork border made from scraps!  I love it. :o)
The other bit of news I had to share is some happy mail I received this week.

Sew Sisters sent me a beautiful thank-you (for being a hostess on Blogathon Canada), in the form of this bundle of fabric goodness and Aurifil sponsored the threads in matching colours. 
 Aren't they delicious looking?!!!   My husband is teasing me, saying that Christmas has come early for me.   I think he's right.  Thank you, Sew Sisters!



  1. Hi Katherine! Your embroidery is super cute and I love the scrappy border! And your present fabrics are fantastic! Enjoy and have fun! x Teje

  2. Your snowman is so cute and they spoiled you...... And they are right, you aree worth to be spoiled!!!!!!!!

  3. Awesome snowman stitchery and I love your border. Oooohh, beautiful fabric from Sew Sisters...can't wait to see what you create with it. Fun!

  4. Such prettiness in just two pictures! A very cute snowman and new supplies! They make me smile....

  5. I love your snowman and friend!! And wow - you were spoiled but you deserved it!!!

  6. That embroidery is fabulous! I love the scrappy border too.

  7. Oh, I told you before, Katherine!
    You´re such a lucky girl!!!
    Love your embroydery and it´s frame!
    It´s great!

  8. Your embroidery piece is so cute, I love the pink thread too.
    Congratulations on your presents, I would love all that thread!

  9. Fabulous embroidery, and FUN fabrics from Sew Sisters! Definitely a good mail day, lol :) Into every Christmas, some pretty pink should fall - a tribute to the lovely Mrs. Claus :D

  10. Oh, I love your snowmen! and the patchwork really sets it off.

    Lucky you getting such lovely fabric mail x

  11. Super cute! I love the patchwork border!!

  12. Love your little embroidery -- very cute! And such a nice gift from Sew Sisters! The blogathon was great; I found so many Canadian bloggers through it!


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