Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's started

Remember those lovely quilt/sewing books I won last month?  I started bookmarking projects to sew from them as soon as I began flipping through each of them and now I have my first finish from Zakka Handmades by Amy Morinaka.
During the time I was sick with a cold, I grabbed this book and my crochet hook and made the edging for this scarf (and went on to make the cherries - which are also in this book - no project in mind for them... yet).  The crochet edging is very simple to do - perfect if you're looking for a beginner project to crochet.
Once I had the edging complete, I started searching for a fabric to pair it with.  I found this lovely brushed cotton check in my stash and knew it would make a cozy scarf if I sewed it with the brushed side facing out. Sometimes, the wrong side is the RIGHT side. ;o) 

 For the handmade tag, I remembered a small embroidered motif I had stitched ages ago, and decided to cut it from its background fabric so I could machine stitch it onto a linen square.  I love the results!  It has the simple,  one-of-a-kind, handmade look I was hoping to achieve.

  All in all, a very straight forward and satisfying project to make.  Seems my timing couldn't be better on this finish as our temperatures have taken a plunge since the blizzard blew through here yesterday.  A cozy scarf is a necessity in braving this weather and as much as I love knitted scarves, I'm loving this Zakka version.
Now, I wonder what I will do with the crochet cherries? ;o)


  1. Hi Katherine! Nice to *meet* you! Your crochet edged scarf turned out fabulously! I esp love your hand embroidered label stitched to the scarf ;) I just added your beautiful scarf to my Pinterest board... Hope you have a chance to check it out!


  2. So cute! The checked fabric is perfect with the cherries and the crochet edging.

  3. Beautiful scarf - it looks very warm and cosy - perfect for Canadian winters, brrrr! Love the cherries - they'd be great on a tea towel! Just kidding - they'd be great on a ZIPPER BAG! LOLOL!!! You should upload photos to Amy's flickr group - I see she's already been by for a visit!

  4. I love that little handmade tag...
    What a cute project!

  5. LOVE the cherries! I agree with Susan, use them on a zipper pouch! Too cute!

  6. You could hang the cherries in your Christmas tree. Love the scarf.

  7. I LoVE the scarf, so pretty. Did you hem the edges?


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