Tuesday, December 3, 2013

WIP Wednesday...returning to a Favourite and asking a favour

There is one quilt block that I never seem to tire of.
Bento Box Blocks!
I've made so many different projects using them...
1. Pretty Please Quilt, 2.Bento Box Pillow, 3. Kitchen chairs, 4. Placemats
and apparently love them most when they're sewn in red and white. :o)
I even share a tutorial (here) to show you how to sew your own scrappy bento box blocks.
You would think that that would be enough.  However, I find myself once again making these blocks.
My little portable design board (a piece of foam posterboard covered in white flannel) is set up next to my machine and covered with the cut pieces needed to make more scrappy blocks.

Any guesses what my latest blocks will become?

Now for the favour...
Calling fabric loving Canadians...we need your help!
Recently, I was asked if I would be interested in finding the next stop for the
 Canadian Travelling Stash.  Oh, a travelling box of fabric and sewing goodies that can be mailed to your doorstep?  It sounds like such a fun idea,  I wanted to spread the word.
Here's how it works...
The rules are that a Canadian blogger receive the box, blog about it, take out and then put in the same amount. You can put in anything from fabric, to patterns, to thread, or any sewing related items and then you will forward it to another blogger. One modification to the original rules is that the exchange can now be in person (if the next blogger is local to you),   otherwise you will be responsible for mailing it. 
 Wouldn't this be fun to pass around one by one to the members of a guild? 
You can click here to visit Denise and see what she has added to the box.  Leave her a comment on her blog or here, if you'd like to be the next lucky person to receive the Canadian Travelling Stash!


  1. Me too love your bento box pattern especially in red and white so i completely agree with you!!!!!

  2. Your bento box blocks are quite similar to my D9P blocks! They're pretty much what I've been exclusively making since the summer - oh how I love this design :)

    Portable design board --- why didn't "I" think of that?! When I do my D9P blocks the pieces have to be in a certain order (and oriented in a certain way) - I lay out the block pieces on the end of my sewing table then reach over the machine to grab each piece to sew, LOL. I could make a portable design board and put it on the tiny table beside my machine - having the pieces vertical instead of horizontal would make them easier to work with! Doing this after Christmas :D

  3. I love this idea of the traveling stash box.

    Love the colors in your blocks.

  4. Love these in red & white! And thanks for the reminder to actually USE the poster board I bought months ago...

  5. Katherine!
    Love your Bento Boxes!
    Now I have download your pattern and perhaps some day...

  6. I love all of the bento projects you have made Katherine. Red is a favourite of mine too.

  7. Love those bento boxes and think that they'd make an awesome Christmas quilt. Is that what you are making with them? I'll think about the travelling stash… :)

  8. Oh this pattern looks fantastic in reds...love them all!!

  9. This post made me smile Katherine! You really do like bento boxes in red and white don't you? :D

  10. love the bento boxes in red. Such a fun block!

  11. Love your Bento boxes.I think of Lise Bergene when I see them. Do you know the norwegian quiltdesigner and her book Julens lappebok?
    Hugs Gudrun

  12. I love red and white too. I'm guessing a table runner?


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