Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Basting away the day

There's going to be a whole lot of quilting in my near future as today is the day to baste. ;o)
First up, is a little project using those scrappy patchwork hearts I made a couple of weeks ago...

and then it's my king size quilt top. Last night, I finished piecing a backing for this quilt, so tonite will be spent basting.  I'm lucky enough to have the floor space to do this, but  I think I've mentioned before, that basting is my least favourite part of the quilt making process. Time to just get it done!  At least I have a good audiobook to listen to and knee pads to wear and best of all after the basting is done, the fun begins!

That's a whole lot of basting ahead of me!  Which do you think will give out first... my supply of basting pins, my knees or my fingernails? 

The good/bad news is there's another 3 completed quilt tops waiting their turn for basting, but for today, getting granny ready to quilt is my goal.  I'm taking it one day of basting at a time. ;o)

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  1. Your granny quilt is looking awesome, Katherine. I can't wait to see what you do with the quilting!

  2. I have a very strong dislike for basting too! The last two quilts I did (one was a king) I spray basted... On the king I pinned the center and spray basted the outside. It worked. The second was almost twin and again, it went off without a hitch. I might be a spray baster from now on :) And I just bought a mess of pins. . .

  3. My back is aching just thinking about all that basting! Good luck!

  4. do you have the pattern for your granny square quilt? it is so beautiful. i agree with you i hate pinning a quilt too. i have severe arthritis in my back and have to go to a severe pain doctor bi weekly and get 16 shots, 8 on each side of my spine. they are very painful since the needles have to touch the bones where the arthritis is. my doctor tries different medecines each time but so far nothing is working. have you ever used a accu cutter? i would love one but cannot afford one since my income is less than four hundrd dollars monthly for disability. maybe one day. thank you for sharing your beautiful quilts. blessings, barbara

  5. I detest basting...of any sort!!!! So much so that I con my occasional long armer (for those too big quilts (who happens to be one of my besties, thank goodness) to put it on the long arm, and do a basting stitch for me -- a seriously large 7 inch apart grid of sorts....otherwise, I would NEVER quilt anything on my domestic machine....Did I mention I detest basting???

  6. Serious, are there one peson who liks to do the basting?
    I do it just because it has to be done, but I don´t think I ever enjoied it!
    Love your scrappy hart, but those granny squares...
    Oh lala!!!
    I´ll be doing some "Olympic watching" and thinking of your sore knees and fingers today, my dear friend;-D

  7. Ughh, basting! By the look of the king size granny I think your pins may be the first to go! It is going to be so beautiful Katherine - my granny remains one of my very favourite quilts :)

  8. Chalk me up as another quilter who dislikes basting.....a lot!!! It's a wonder we finish any quilts. Your patchwork heart quilt is absolutely adorable. I love the layout you decided on for the granny quilt. You just have to take a deep breath and dive in to basting it. Listening to an audio book is a great idea. It might drown out the creaking of your knees. Have fun!

  9. Oh, good gracious Granny! LOVE, love, love it! I am sew glad to see you went with the on point design. This big baby is going to be just gorgeous! Hmmmm... I think you will run out of pins??? Looking forward to seeing the quilting on both of these sweet projects, Katherine!

  10. That king-size top is AMAZING!!

    And the heart patchwork is so cute - at first I thought that your lid with the pins in it was a coin and I was amazed by how tiny your piecing was!! haha

  11. I love your cute heart patchwork! It is so scrappy, colorful, and wonderful!

  12. I have loathed basting since I began quilting. It didn't matter how well I thought I did it, I ended up with puckers and creases on the backing. So, I ended up with a whole heap of quilt tops packed away that might become quilts one day. Last year I tried basting spray for the first time. I use 505 as it has no strong fumes. It has changed my life! I now baste tops soon after they've finished and get straight on to quilting! There is a lot less puckering because I can lift bits and reposition them as I go or as I'm basting, and it's so much quicker than pinning.

  13. Fantastic quilt, but I don't envy you basting on the floor! I use my cutting table, much easier....


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