Monday, February 3, 2014

Lucky girl

Overlooking my continuing struggles with Blogger (which means that in order to write a post I  now have to upload photos in one browser and then the text in another because it seems one browser isn't capable of making it possible to do both), I thought I'd share some of the lovely mail that has popped into my mailbox recently.  You won't believe just how lucky/spoiled I am. :o)

First is the lovely handmade swap goodies from my lovely friend Teje.  Just like her gifts, this friend is like a ray of sunshine and I am so happy to have met her through blogging.  Take a look... is that not the sweetest little fabric card (you know how much I LOVE handmade fabric cards!) ?  How about the pretty little handmade ornament with the embroidery and ric-rac? So darling!  I adore her stitching details and fabric choices for her sweet gifts.  Thank you, Teje!

This next parcel of goodness arrived without me knowing it was coming.  My sweet friend Maja likes to send special surprises, I've discovered and this one had me teary eyed when I opened it.  You see, I had at some point, casually mentioned in an email with her, that I adore Tilda fabrics, but of course can't buy them locally here in North America.  Little did I know, but this dear friend then set out to collect some Tilda fabrics just for me.  She said she had a few pieces herself, but swapped with others she knew so that she could send me this amazing collection.   Can you believe it?  I told you that I'm spoiled! ;o)   Thank you, Maja!

If those two parcels weren't enough to show how lucky I am... just wait there's more.
  Remember the Sew, Mama, Sew giveaways at the end of November?  Well, I was lucky enough to win twice.   The first lovely parcel only had to travel across the city (how fun to discover Kristel is a "neighbour" and loves fabric as much as I do!) and the second parcel had to travel all the way from Wales  (what a treat to discover Catrin and I share a love of vintage sheets).
  Thank you, Kristel and Catrin for such generous giveaway prizes -  can't wait to start sewing with the pretties you sent.

I won these yummy canvas prints from Kristel

and these wonderful vintage sheet charms + yardage from Catrin.

Amazing, right?
I know. I'm a very, very lucky girl to have such sweet and generous friends - near and far.


  1. Wonderful wins! You'll have fun creating with those fabrics.

    Sorry about Blogger problems. Wonder what it might be?

  2. You have had a wonderful time collecting your mail and the opening them to find such enticing goodies inside! Those elephants are very cute!

  3. Hi Katherine! Your NEW Fabrics are amazing! I'm so happy you like the pin cushion/ornament!
    I have missed you and I do hope your blogging problems stop soon. I have today terrible day trying to work with my second blog. I went for sel-hosting and now I just don't know enough - grrrr!
    Hope to see soon what you have made lately. Hugs! x Teje

  4. Oh wow, you are a lucky girl!! What sweet parcels from your friends.

    Sorry about Blogger...hope it resolves eventually.

  5. You are a very lucky lady indeed, I love all of the fabric goodness.

    Ever since I upgraded my internet explorer to 11 I have had issues with pictures loading in Blogger so I have switched to Google Chrome to write my posts, have you tried that program?

  6. Wow - you really have been lucky haven't you! Some really beautiful bits there.

    I can't quite believe how long my parcel took to get to you - had I remembered to put it in the parcel the Christmas card I wrote you would have been quite funny!

    Btw - I'm Welsh, not Irish lol


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