Monday, February 17, 2014

Needed... a manly gift

Recently, I stitched up a gift for a special someone's birthday and even though it hasn't reached him just yet, I thought I'd share it here without spoiling his surprise (as I highly doubt he visits my blog ;o).  I love giving something hand made as a gift, but at the same time, I aim for a gift that will be useful to the recipient. However, this time around, I was stumped for awhile trying to sort out what a newly minted teenager might like.

Then it occurred to me that a simple toiletries bag might be appreciated or at least needed.  Guys may not have the same self-care accoutrements (or as many) as girls, but keeping them organized is just as important.  I love this zippered pouch design, but felt I should keep it as clean looking as possible (meaning no patchwork, quilting, too bright fabrics or fancy piping or trims).  Nothing that would embarrass him. ;o)

Re-purposed clothing labels and a coloured bead slipped onto cording on the zipper pull, add a bit of flair on a very simplistic zippered pouch design.

So, I began a search through my stash for some masculine fabrics. Imagine my surprise to realize I have a very small amount of fabric choices in that category. ;o)  Hopefully these geometric prints strike the right note.

Who knows just what this new teen will decide to store in his toiletries pouch...

Not knowing his personal tastes, I decided to skip tucking any toiletries into the pouch and instead found a handy multi-tool and a mini flashlight to include.  My experience has shown that guys love tools and handy gadgets, so hopefully, even if the pouch isn't a hit, this young man will find a use for these items. ;o) 

 It's funny, because as simple as this design is, I found it more challenging to keep from adding to it (apparently I like to embellish - so stopping at adding those two labels has me applauding my restraint ;o).  Lucky for me, I have 3 males in the household to consult with.  They gave this gift a two thumbs up rating, so with fingers crossed, I hope the young man receiving it will like it as well.


  1. It looks masculine and classy to me. Love the fabric choice!

  2. That definitely gets a thumbs up from me, too - definitely suitable for guys, but for girls as well. That's a great print, and I really like the repurposed tags too - time for me to start a collection!

  3. Hi Katherine! This is great present for guys and very good pattern for anyone! I love your heart header and I see my cute pouch on your slideshow! Have a lovely week! x Teje

  4. Getting a thumbs up from here too Katherine! You chose a great fabric and the patches give it that extra bit of interest. I hope the response is positive from Mr Teen!

  5. Katherine, I think you made excellent choices all the way around! Great gift idea!

  6. That is a very cool bag in really nice fabrics...lucky guy!

  7. Super cute. My no-longer-a-teen would love something like this. He'd probably fill it with thumb-drives and earbuds, but he would like it. Great gift idea for people I've already given a quilt!!

  8. that's a fab toiletry bag, perfect for a boy/man

  9. That's a great looking shaving kit!!
    Guys need a good one (they don't always realize it themselves). When my 29 year old son was visiting his shaving stuff and hair product was all over the counter. So I made him a bag (the open wide bag from the Noodlehead tutorial) and it was a pretty big hit. We had to go shopping for masculine fabric though :)
    Now my husband and father both want one too!

  10. What a great idea. I especially like the way you used the labels to embellish it.


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