Friday, February 21, 2014

Running away with my Heart...

Yes, Valentine's Day was a week ago and I'm still sewing heart projects. ;o) 
 Want to see my late, but very loved finish?

I took those scrappy patchwork heart blocks and joined them using a variety of solids ranging from the lightest pinks to red and threw in a shot of purple for good measure.

I even sneaked some piecing and some purple onto the back,

along with a shot of dots (cause all of my projects get a shot of dots ;o).

I meander quilted inside all the heart blocks with a variegated thread and stitched loops all over the backgrounds in light pink thread for some whimsy.

This crazy, long runner (which was tricky to photograph due to its size and colours) is specially sized to fit our antique buffet that resides in our living room.

I'm just smitten with the colours in this runner so much.  I love reds and pinks together! You guessed it, I won't be waiting until next Valentine's Day before using this.  We need a shot of colour to counteract the Winter Blues, right? ;o)

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  1. Oh, I love it! I am sure it looks sweet on your table. nice job!

  2. So pretty in all those pinks! I am totally in agreement that everything needs a shot of dots!!

  3. It's gorgeous. Those pinks do brighten up a winter day.

  4. Your heart runner turned out great! I love all the pinks and reds together.

  5. It's always the right time for pink and red and hearts - and sweet tablerunners!

  6. This is definitely a runner that can be used at any time. I love the hearts and the pink with a little purple. Absolutely beautiful.

  7. Love it!
    Like all your "scrappy works"!
    Why don´t sew a curtain to the kitchen window with those lovely heart?

  8. Hi Katherine! Your scrappy hearts are fantastic! I'm not very much 'heart' person but yours has great 'mixed' look and I can imagine a big quilt with scrappy hearts in many colours! Happy weekend! x Teje

  9. Dots are always great no matter what the quilt! Beautiful hearts!!

  10. Oh, so pretty - and you're right, much too nice to keep just for Valentine's

  11. Just what I needed, a shot of bright colour, with dots and hearts. It's so pretty, it made me smile.

  12. Cute! I like the combination of prints and solids.

  13. it's so lovely! I do love a good heart and I don't think they're only for valentine's day

  14. Beautiful pattern play and the hearts look amazing


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