Sunday, March 9, 2014

A sign of Spring?

Prints left on our deck by a night time guest.  Explains the awful smell in the middle of the night and why I nearly smothered myself in my pillow trying to escape the stink.
We had an unexpected sign of Spring. No, not a flower, bud or a wisp of greenery in sight as our first signs of Spring.  Instead, here's evidence of who created the unpleasant odor that  awoke us one night this past week.  Apparently, this critter  has given up his winter's sleep.  It seems he woke up hungry, because his tracks were all over our front and back yards as if he was searching for something to eat (either that or he woke up dizzy and disorientated, because he walked circles around our house, every tree in our yard and both our vehicles).  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he has not made his home under our deck (tracks indicate he's been in and out of there) and that instead, he has moved on to the nature corridor that we live close to.  Please, let our next sign of Spring be flowers and green grass. ;o)


  1. OMG. Hilarious. I also hope that he has found a nice green home in nature. No one needs a smelly friend living in their yard! haha!

  2. Yes, what was it? Did Peppy Le Pew come say 'Bonjour'?

  3. We live in a very rural area and had one live under our shed for about 4 years. It was great. You knew it was leaving at about 8pm to do it's neighbourhood rounds and wouldn't return until 7:15am. We just kept the dogs, close by, at those times. The shed was about 100 feet from the house, a deck would probably a little close for comfort.

  4. Pepé Le Pew will hopefully get spring fever soon and go off for greener pastures (aka pastures with girl skunks) :D

    Our hint of spring is that we're not seeing as many days with windchills in the -20 to -30C range - nice! I went out for a walk this morning with my neighbour - we had to walk on the street because the sidewalks are still too covered with snow and ice to be traversed safely. My husband is adamant that they SHALL pass our house, and safely, so our sidewalks have been clear all season. We may just get through this!

  5. And yet another blogheader! Love it!

    What pet prints are those in the snow? Other than a rare hedgehog we don’t see any critters around the house here!

    Love your Barcelone Quilt! So beautiful!

  6. Are they bear prints? OMG scary! We don't have bears in Australia, so that kind of thing would freak me out. The Canadians I've met are more relaxed about them!


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