Saturday, March 15, 2014

Here's your chance...

to celebrate National Quilting Day by treating yourself to a quilting class or two.  Of course you may choose something else because there's amazing prices this weekend on over 300 classes in

You know me and sales!  Major temptation.... ;o)
Seriously, those half off prices have me thinking it's time for class!
 Which class (or classes)  would you be interested in taking?
  I've got my eye on this one and this one. They both look like fun and a great way to improve my skills and knowledge (while saving money ;o).

In keeping with NQD, I'm finishing up my king size granny square quilt (I'm at the boring part - working in those thread tails... bleh... but so close to being able to show it to you). Plus, I'm also hoping to celebrate (or reward myself) by diving into these yummy purple Kona solids for a new project.  Yay!

Wishing you...
Happy National Quilting Day!


  1. My compliments for your blog and pictures included,I invite you in my photoblog "photosphera".


    Greetings from Italy


  2. Those purples are definitely yummy! :-) I can't wait to see what you make with them and to see your finished quilt!

  3. Hi!!!! Do I see some orchid in those purples?!!! They are very pretty!!! Both of the classes you like sound like so much fun!!!! Hope you are enjoying the weekend!!!!

  4. Hi Katherine! Same to you, a little bit late. Looks very delicious on your table - enjoy those adorable Fabrics! x Teje

  5. Yummy is certainly the right word for those fabrics. I can't believe how quickly your finishing off the granny. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

  6. The fabrics are making me drool! So pretty!

  7. I am loving those solids, the collection of purples are just beautiful

  8. We'll watch for the unveiling. Happy thread tucking (bleh)!


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