Thursday, March 27, 2014

Random Stuff on Thursday

 I've got an odd assortment for my post today, starting with a couple of photos sharing "Spring" in Calgary at the moment.  I'm guessing that my pictures should make most readers feel happier about their own weather. ;o)

Drip,drip, drip. Our trees are sporting icicles instead of leaves. ;o)

We've had snow fall for the past couple of days and despite the temperatures warming enough to get things melting again, it still meant having to shovel off the driveway and sidewalk.  I will say I enjoyed the fresh air, but have to laugh at my Spring wreath on our front door when you consider the current landscape. 

Lots of icicles and lots of snow.  Yes, that's March weather in Calgary.
 Inside my sewing room, I'm currently at work stitching a gift that I've designed (which is why you're seeing fabric draped on my sewing form, the chair and all over the table - just keeping it real ;o). Despite the current mess, I thought you might like to see the new set-up.  Since discovering how handy the Singer 201 is for quilting (she rocked that king size quilt), I've left her stationed in the spot I used to have my 15-91 (aka: Belle).  Belle has now been re-positioned to the end of my cutting table.   Since each vintage machine is housed in its own table, it now looks as if my space has increased.  Better yet, the new set-up means I have one machine ready to piece with the other ready for quilting.  (Don't worry, I still have my modern machines.  They are currently tucked away, but can be set-up when/if I need them.)  I have to admit, I smile each time I enter my sewing room and see these two vintage beauties waiting for me.

Belle is my Singer 15-91 seen in the background and Fancy is the Singer 201 in the foreground.  It may be hard to discern but there are a few subtle differences between them.  Fancy is larger, is belt driven and has a drop in bobbin (she's also sporting the thread rack my hubby made so that I can use cones of thread and keep a decent tension).  Belle does all my piecing for quilts and since finishing a king-size quilt on Fancy - I've decided they make a pretty great quilt making team.

Next up, I thought I'd pass on that there's been an extension from the initial deadline,
 which means there's still time to vote for your favourites in the
 Voting is open until 11pm PST on Thursday 27 March, by clicking the heart in the top right corner of your favourite entries on this post here.  My entry, "Paint the Town" can be found in the Tops Only category.  If you haven't already had a look at the entries, please go see them.  I promise you will be inspired!

2014 Pantone Quilt Challenge: Radiant Orchid

Another piece of news I think you shouldn't miss out on is that my friend,
 Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs, has just launched a new quilt pattern,
 It's a fabulous design and is perfectly suited for grabbing those layer cakes you're hoarding (and can't figure out what to make with!)
 To celebrate the launch of her newest pattern, Cheryl is generously giving readers a chance (well, 14 chances, actually) to win a copy of "Peanut Butter Pinwheels" and "Shoo Fly Pie".  

 I've had the pleasure of using Cheryl's pattern, On a "Jelly" Roll to make my "Barcelona, Baby!" quilt and have previewed "Shoo Fly Pie". Her patterns are well written and easy to follow (not to mention darn clever in design).  Now, if only there was more time in the day so I could sew up each of her patterns. :o)
Anyways, please, hurry over to enter Cheryl's giveaway for your chance to win two of her awesome patterns. 

Now, for my last random bit for today, I thought I'd mention that Craftsy is having a Gone in a Flash Sale at the moment.  It's a sale on supplies starting today and ending Friday, March 27th. 
 You can get up to 65% off fabric 
 and up to 75% off yarn
 Crazy good, right?  I'm off to do some virtual shopping.... ;o)

Happy Thursday!

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  1. When I saw the photo of Belle and Fancy, I had this image of the two old girls visiting with each other after the nights are out!! Wouldn't it be fun to listen in on their conversations!

    I went over and cast my votes. I hope you win in your category!

  2. Oh my Katherine, you are so sweet! I was reading through your post (I love you pic of your sewing room!) and I saw you highlighting my new pattern, thank you so much!! I hope real spring comes for you soon, have a great weekend.

  3. Those old girls would make me smile, too. I wonder how many quilts and garments they've sewn over the years.

  4. That weather looks about the same here! Loved the peek into your sewing room.


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