Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Stash is all about Sandi...

I thought I'd join the fun for the first time by linking up with Molli Sparkles' Sunday Stash being hosted this week by Kristel over at Work-In-Progress Girl .

Top and bottom group of 4 are fabrics from Sandi Henderson's Secret Garden line.  Middle group, far left is also from Secret Garden, while the other three fabrics are from her Meadow Sweet line.

This pretty bundle of assorted of fat quarters hit my shopping cart back a few months ago when Sandi Henderson announced a studio bundle sale in her shop. I didn't know the exact fabrics I would be receiving - the listing said they would be from any of Sandi's lines - which was incentive enough for me to buy.  I LOVE her designs, especially the Farmer's Market and Meadow Sweet lines.  Since Sandi's fabrics are some of my all time favourites, when she offered a deal for free shipping, my fingers practically tripped over one another in their rush to click "buy now". ;o)
  Imagine my delight and surprise to receive not only these yummy fabrics but  her pattern for a Berry Picker Skirt (a sweet freebie!). Thanks, Sandi!
 Happy stash!

I'm linking up here
 and hope you will enjoy seeing more Sunday Stash shares.

Molli Sparkles

P.S.  Just a reminder that you can go vote for your favourites in the
 Pantone Quilt Challenge
just click the link above and then scroll down to view thumbnails of each entry. 
 Remember there are 3 categories, so you have one vote in each.
 Have fun choosing your favourites!
Winners are to be announced March 26 - so get your votes in! :o)


  1. What great additions to your stash!

    And thanks for the heads up about the Pantone voting. I'd already seen your fabulous "Paint the Town" ~ you got my vote. Good luck!

  2. what a great surprise of fabulous fabrics. I too just love her, she has suck a wonderful design esthetic.

  3. the bundle is a beauty! I treasure all my Farmer's Market bits!

  4. I love everything Sandi designs. I made a Dresden wallhanging from Meadowsweet and it is still my favorite.

  5. mystery fabric bundle! That sounds like fun.

    I'm off to vote now...

  6. What a great little collection of Sandi Henderson prints, eh? That would have been a fun package to open up :D

  7. Very cute stash additions and I love the cute pattern.

  8. The words "free shipping" send tingles down my What a lovely group of fabrics to add to your stash. The pattern is great. I can't see what you do with them.


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