Tuesday, April 22, 2014

From Strips to Chevrons

Remember those pretty Sandi Henderson fat quarters?  I couldn't resist starting something new using a couple of them paired with some linen.  I cut them into 22" long strips, alternated the cotton with the linen and sewed the strips together, making two separate sets of pieced strip units (only one set is shown below).  For each set, I cut a variety of strip widths and then mixed them up.  Fun, right?

Sizes for my strips range from 1" to 3" wide (both for the cotton strips and for the linen ones).
Next, I cut each set into varying width strips, this time on a 45 degree angle (with the direction of the 45 degree angle reversed on the second set).  By using one strip from each set (so the angles are mirror imaged), those strips can be sewn together to make chevrons.   
 Pretty easy way to turn those simple strips into chevrons and I'm loving the results!

All this fun has reminded of other projects I've made using chevrons - a doll quilt (including a tutorial  here), a wall hanging and a table runner.

Piecing chevrons this way is easy - it's the pressing that's a bit tricky as linen is more fluid than the quilting cotton.
I'm not done yet with this idea (as you can see), but I'm having a lot of fun working with such Spring-y colours.   I've also made some progress on one of the items on my FAL list, worked on some pattern drafting and placed an order for some much needed interfacing (for some pattern testing to come!) so my week is off to a good start.  How's your week so far?


  1. What a brilliant way to make chevrons! Love the random look of it

  2. Looks like fun! Love the colours against the grey.

  3. Looks fun and something interesting for the eyes to look at.
    This might be a fun project to test!
    Love the Sandi Henderson fabric.

  4. Hi Katherine! Fantastic idea! I love the result and these colourful Fabrics are beautiful with the grey! Happy week my friend! x Teje

  5. Oh Katherine you got me excited. I've always wanted to make a chevron qult for my son as his initials are ZZ but was put off by all the HSTs. This is modern and beautiful. I love it!!

  6. I agree with Annabella- these are such modern chevrons! I'm so tempted to drop everything and make some! And your fabric choice is perfect!

  7. There is so much to love about this project!!

  8. That's such a cool geometric design - modern, but surprisingly soft because of the floral prints - really striking!

  9. This is a great idea! I've been wondering what to do with some great fabric I have stashed, and this is just the ticket! Thanks for sharing your process!

  10. I just love this effect. The contrast of the linen against the cotton and the yellow and grey. It's unexpected and wonderful.

  11. Gorgeous!! I just finished catching up and am soaking up all your projects.

    That skyline Pantone piece blew me away - great work - and OH, how I love those teeny tiny grannies....!

  12. I really liked this one!
    Maybe I should try the technic?

  13. Love the way these chevrons look. Very clever you are, working out this way to make them.


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