Friday, May 23, 2014

Looking to purchase EQ7?

Have you heard of Massdrop?
"Massdrop takes a group of people that each want to buy the same thing, combines their order, and places that order directly with the manufacturer. As a result, everybody in the group gets the large quantity price while only having to buy one (or two, or ten - as many as you want). (Pro Tip: The bigger the group, the better price that everyone will get!)"
I'm new to Massdrop, but love this idea.
  Who doesn't like getting a deal on something they want to purchase? 
 Currently, in the Crafting section on Massdrop there is a poll going for purchasing quilting design software. There are three choices.  I have had my eye on buying EQ7 for a little while now and when I found a poll underway for a group buy of EQ7 on Massdrop, well,  let's just say, I'm pretty excited.  The thing is, this only works if there's enough interest.   This poll needs more people to vote! It's a great opportunity for you to buy this software at a reduced price, if you're interested.
Want to know more about how Massdrop works? 
 Click here for their FAQ.
Check out all the products in the Crafting section on Massdrop that are in the voting stage.  Scroll down to find the poll for buying quilting software and make your choice.  There's also polls for group buys of many different items such as fabric (mmm... shot cottons), rotary cutters, sizzix machines, sewing machines, irons and more.  I know that recently there was a successful group buy of some Aurifil thread (sadly, I missed that one - a real savings on this thread). 
 Anyways, thought I'd pass the information on, in case any of my readers are interested.  Meanwhile, I've voted and am keeping my fingers crossed for a deal on EQ7. ;o)


  1. Interesting concept...thanks for passing on the info! I'll check it out!

  2. Newer heard about it before, but
    it´s interseting.
    I have EQ5, but I never use it...
    I don´t think that I´m keen enough to work at the computer!

  3. I have never heard about this but it seems like a great way of getting products for a great price.

  4. Will take a look...does it include international buyers?

  5. Nice information, I like this information thank you for sharing this...

  6. I picked up some Aurifill thread through Massdrop last month. Really interesting site - I really hope there's a special on Jelly Rolls again. Seems they did that before.

  7. I just bought EQ7 a week ago. This looks like a great idea, I'll have to remember it for future purchases.


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