Thursday, July 17, 2014

Colours of the month?

There seems to be a colour theme in my sewing space lately.
Pink and orange scrappy patchwork on the design wall

and on my sewing table!  Is it possible to have a colour addiction? ;o)


  1. Yes, it´s possible!
    I don´t know if it´s from you, but orange has been one of my favourites lately!
    Love your scrapswork!

  2. There's a lot to like about red and orange! It is certainly warming on a cold, winter's day!

  3. I have the same addiction. LOVE the blocks.

  4. Ruffles! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm! Of course I love the colours - I'll be watching to see what these lovely scrapalicious pieces are going to become :) I have an idea after seeing the ruffles - I wonder if I'm correct - only time will tell, lol!

  5. Holy mollllllieee!! The color combo is amazing together. Such fun.

  6. Yes! It's possible to have a colour addiction. I just hope they don't find a cure.


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