Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Eyes wide open

Have you ever felt like you were being rewarded for just keeping your eyes open?  Well, I do!  First there was the find of a $20 bill, while taking my exercise along a dirt path a few nights back and then yesterday I stumbled upon an advert for a couple of sewing books (titles that happened to be on my wish-list).

Both books are in new condition, including the patterns - which were never opened.  Then the seller mentioned she had a couple more books that she hadn't listed.  Would I be interested?

Um, yes, please! Two more titles that happened to be on my "someday I'd like to own these" list ( and rather coincidentally, just having been re-borrowed from the library for the umpteenth time this past Sat.).

I scooped up all 4 titles... in exchange for that $20 bill.  I guess there are times in life that it literally pays to keep your eyes open. ;o)


  1. Ooooh what a bounty of good luck! Enjoy your reads!!!

  2. This must have been a day for Book Deals...I was on my way to B&N to look for a Beginners Quilting Book and decided to stop by our newly opened Half Price Book Outlet. I never made it to B&N after that stop...I walked out with 11 Books for less than I would have paid for 1. Happy Reading!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  3. That was certainly $20 well spent! Enjoy them!

  4. They look like wonderful books. It's nice when things just come together.

  5. Lucky you! They look like some good books, I should know I have at least of of them.....

  6. I love, love hearing when things like this happen!! I'm smiling a big smile now. Have fun with your new books.

  7. All things conspired to help you get those books on your list. I'm definitely going to keep my eyes open! Great books!


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