Sunday, July 27, 2014

Patchwork isn't just for quilts

Remember the fabrics from this quilt?
Love these colours together!
Some of the leftovers are being used for another project - but it's not a quilting project.

I've got a good start on this skirt using the Sugar & Spice pattern from Pink Fig designs.
I'm so excited to be working something that's completely "girly"! 


  1. They are such pretty, girly colours, aren't they?

  2. Ever so pretty and girly - I liiiiiiiike :) We're batting 5-1 boy vs. girl with the great niece/nephews --- there's another one coming in early January so my fingers are crossed for a 5-2 score! Of course I want a healthy baby first and foremost, but sugar and spice would be oh so nice ... lol!

  3. It's wonderful and I love any dress that gives you the "twirl factor".


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