Thursday, July 31, 2014

Red hot!

Temperatures here have been around the 30 degree Celsius (about 86 F) for a few days, making for a warmer summer than I remember for the ones I've lived here.  Thankfully, because our nights are cool, if I leave windows open until early morning, then keep them closed for the rest of the day, our house doesn't become too unbearably hot. 

Maybe our weather explains why my taste in fabric has also lately been running towards "warm" on the colour spectrum?  I'm still working on skirts in oranges and pinks, but that wasn't enough.  I couldn't resist adding this lovely "reds" bundle into my stash.  Bring on those hot colours! ;o)

You can find this lovely bundle (on sale!) at Mad About Patchwork if you're also hankering after some hot colour for your stash.   Okay, I think it's time for an icy glass of lemonade! ;o)


  1. Hello Katherine.
    Beautifull fabrics. Loved it.
    Here in São Paulo is about 13ºC and I'm freezing. I'm not a big fan of winter...

  2. That's a great collection! I was just over on her site and saw a collection I hadn't seen before - Hothouse Flowers - gorgeous ... and on sale! I'm tempted ... but trying to resist the urge! Sew Sisters has a sale on now with free shipping and so far I've behaved but JEEZ it's hard, lol!

  3. I need a bundle of red warmth this morning! It's all of 3 degrees C today, and I'm having a hot coffee!

  4. Red Hot indeed! Lovely bundle! It will be 27oC today, time to order some coooooolest fabrics!

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  6. Those are wonderful spicy colors. I can see them in log cabin blocks, enjoyed with a nice hot chocolate (in the winter).

    happy sewing!!

  7. I would crave those colours anytime of year. They're gorgeous.

  8. What great reds! Don't you feel hotter working on reds this time of year? LOL

    Yummy colours you do choose!



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