Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Stash - Succumbing to Summer Sales

Along with some summer sewing, there's been a bit of summer fabric shopping happening this week.  It would seem I have a low resistance when it comes to fabric - especially fabric on sale. ;o)

top to bottom...  Riley Blake: Sweetcakes; Moda: Bungle Jungle; Riley Blake: Country Girls; the bottom two fabrics are  from Riley Blake's: Twice as Nice line.
I'm still in the planning stages, but intend for some of these to become a new machine dust cover to coordinate with  this one that I made for my older (and smaller) serger. Just need to cross a few other pressing WIPs off the list first. ;o)

Let's see what  other fabric addicts curators have been collecting for their stashes this week...

Molli Sparkles

Wow!  Now that your appetite has been whetted with all that fabric viewing, you might want ideas for how to store it in your sewing room.  You're in luck!
 Today is the second day of the Sew Canadian  tour - prepare to be inspired. :o)
 Happy sewing!

Sew Canadian



  1. I enjoy the same ailment - I think the official name is Cannotus Refusus a Fabricasia Saleatitis :D

  2. Great fabric additions, love Sandra's suggestion, I think I suffer from that also ;) Looking into other people's sewing rooms was inspiring, thanks for the link.

  3. Love the red and aqua combination in those prints. So hard to resist all the pretties on offer, especially at a discount!

  4. I love aqua and red together. The floral print is especially lovely. Wonderful set!

  5. ahhhh look at all that summer freshness, classic and the best part summer sales...yes great choices K.

  6. Love this colour combo... my bee blocks for this month will be rolling in soon and they'd match these ones perfectly!

  7. I have a low resistance to fabric on sale, too, but it looks like you scored some lovely stuff...lucky you!

  8. I have 20 FQs of Riley Blake's Twice As Nice and I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. I really liked the trucks, and somehow wound up with 20 prints!


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