Thursday, July 3, 2014

Wonder how you can save $ on some Wonder Clips?

Have you seen the latest on Massdrop?
You don't want to miss this deal if you've been in the market for buying this handy notion. 
 Ever since I first tried them, I was impressed - they are so handy to use for binding a quilt and for sewing other tricky items (like the bias binding I sewed on the Rainbow Connection Craft Case - shown below).  I've also used them when stitching bags or projects with vinyl or laminated fabrics.

Lots of Wonder Clips were used in helping me sew the bias binding to the RC Craft Case I designed.
 Of course there's more great sewing/quilting buys happening at Massdrop... (such as some Lotus fabric!).  Plus, there's also products that are still in the voting stage (such as EQ7 - please go vote if you're interested in saving $ and want to buy this software).
Another great thing about Massdrop is that if there's something you've been wanting to buy and you don't find it already amongst the choices offered, you can add your suggestion, or start your own poll for that product.  I've done both.  I've got a poll going for some basic shape quilting dies for a Sizzix machine (click here) and I just added an option to a poll already underway for some Cotton + Steel basics (click here).

Isn't this bundle of basics from Cotton and Steel gorgeous?  I'm keeping fingers crossed that enough votes will come in so that we can get this bundle!

Now I've let you know how you can save $ on more than just Wonder Clips! ;o)
Spread the word about  Massdrop.  That way, we can all start saving $ on the things we want and need.


  1. I just got the 12 spool package of Auriful for $79.00!

  2. Katherine, I would like to "unsee" this ;) LOL.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up on the Wonderclips- I think I missed these in my travels!


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