Sunday, August 10, 2014

For fun

Jess over at Me Sew Crazy has put together a fun little quiz called: Which Sewing Celebrity Blogger would be your BFF?  I couldn't resist taking the quiz...

Apparently, Katy Jones and I would be BFF! ;o)   Sounds good to me.  I love Katy's style and energy.  That reminds me... Katy's first line of fabric is about to be revealed this Monday.  Woot! Woot!  I tell you, it was so hard for my BFF to not let me in on this news ahead of everyone else. ;o) 

Other fun news...remember me mentioning that I would soon get going on some canning?  I could no longer resist temptation at the Farmer's Market... so I brought home 40lbs of roma tomatoes, 20 lbs. of peaches and 10lbs of apricots (along with several pounds of a variety of bell and hot peppers).  You guessed it.  Salsa making 2014 is about to happen... along with jam making and maybe canning some peaches in honey (depending on whether we eat most of the peaches first - hard to resist the first peaches we've had for fresh eating)!  Yes.  I'm getting all psyched to start peeling, chopping, seeding and stirring.  Yum.  Love, love, love home canned eats. ;o)


  1. What a fun quiz! My sewing BFF is Dana Willard - MADE.

  2. Good luck with all the canning. I'm about to start this week, too.

  3. Hej Katherine!
    I made the test to!
    It seams that we both have Katy Jones as our BFF;-)
    I think we can have each other too as BFF;-)
    You are absolutely one of mine,but I have to put myself together and start to use my computer and answer your mail!!!
    Sorry girl, bad things have happend and I have´t been sitting in front of my laptop more than I had to!

  4. I'm impressed to know you are best friends with Katy! You do circulate in famous circles! ;-))
    I'm also curious about that produce- do you have the jars etc you will need to 'can' all that salsa ?!!

  5. I got Dana from MADE. I think she's great but I don't know if I see BFFness with her. In fact, I'm allergic to the term BFF. I'm probably a lone wolf - lol! However, I probably owe Dana something for her pumpkin oven french toast recipe which has become a Christmas morning staple 'round these parts. It's kinda incredible. Seriously, google it. :-)

  6. Definitely a dodgy quiz, I got Dana from Made (I don't even read her blog!) It says:

    "Your commercial appeal draws others to ask where they can buy your kids clothes...and you might just consider opening up your own line of skirts in the local boutique!"

    I don't have any kids and I don't make clothes! Hmmmm....


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