Sunday, August 24, 2014

Just a hint

I'm celebrating a bit, as I have finally finished stitching up the last of the birthday gifts for the younger members of my extended family.  Whew. Once again, I drafted up a design of my own.  Makes the sewing extra fun, but of course it also takes longer than just using a pre-made pattern.  Good news is, that the prototypes are behind me and it came together better than I had hoped. Yay!
As excited as I am with this finish, I've learned my lesson about sharing things on my blog BEFORE the recipient receives them.  Instead of a full reveal, I can share that I had a theme for this gift.
This bit of fabric may be from Fabricland
  (can't rightly remember- I've had it so long now, I believe it's old enough to vote. ;o)

I even made a little label for this gift (which includes his name... just in case someone else tries to lay claim to his gift - because it is pretty cool ;o)
Maybe you can guess what I've made? :o)
I think he's going to love it

and I've already had requests on the home front (hubby has given it his 2 thumbs up rating ;o) to turn this into a pattern.  I have some serious pattern writing to get on with - the list is continually growing... anyone have  a magic wand I can borrow to speed up the process? ;o)


  1. I can't wait to see the real thing but I am guessing that it is a stuffie, maybe a sh**k?

  2. I think we're gonna need a bigger boat!

  3. Can I borrow the pattern writing wand when you are finished with it :) I am guessing that you made some sort of shark stuffy and I would love to be on the list of pattern testers for it!


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