Friday, August 15, 2014

Spin me round, round...

Yes!  Those ruffle skirts are done.  Whew.

These were fun to make!  There are 12 panels for the overskirt, gathered onto a drop waist with a ruffled edged underskirt (again, gathered onto the drop waist) and topped off by a elastic waist band that is made up of 4 different sections.  That's a lot of fabric and plenty of fullness for a skirt!  Yes, I believe these skirts will be twirl worthy.  Enough to make the wearer spin until they're dizzy. ;o)

Each skirt is made up of co-ordinating prints, so no two skirts are exactly alike.

The pattern for the skirts is called, "Sugar and Spice" by Pink Fig Designs (available in PDF format for instant gratification and on sale! ;o).  Although not difficult to make, this is not a skirt you will whip up in a couple of hours as there's quite a bit of sewing involved.  The upside is that you end up with a truly adorable ruffled confection of a skirt!  I dove headlong into making three versions and had fun mixing and matching fabrics (as you can see, below ;o).  I skipped using ruffle fabric for my versions, but would consider it for future versions (as per the pattern).  I also dropped the rosettes and other embellishments (mostly as a safety precaution as one of the girls is really young and the temptation to pop buttons etc. into her month would be more than likely).

Originally, I thought I would sew little T-shirts to go with the skirts and add appliques or something - but I came across three cute matching summer tops at a local shop and my plan changed.



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  1. too cute, I'm sure they will be well loved and well worn

  2. What fun! fun! fun!!! They look amazingly awesome and in such pretty colors.

  3. Gosh, they are a lot of work! And to think you made three! Adorable and twirl-worthy!

  4. OMG those are so adorable - so much work, but ever so FUN! Hopefully you'll get to see the 3 littlies in their twirlies!

  5. love those twirly skirts! I bet you had a lot of fun auditioning fabrics for them.

  6. these are so sweet. Now come on Katherine, let's drop the pretense that these are for some little girls you know, we all know these skirts are for you...


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