Saturday, August 16, 2014

Topping it off

I stitched up something extra to go with the ruffle skirts I made for those 3 little girls.  I had just enough of the Summer Ride print from the Wee Wander yardage I bought to sew a reversible bucket hat for each girl.

The pattern for these adorable hats can be found in Liesl Gibson's book:
I know I've mentioned before how I love this book (remember all those messenger bags I've made?), but it's worth saying again.  Not only are Liesl's designs cute, but so well thought out and better yet, well written and easy to follow.  You can't miss with her patterns and I highly recommend them based on my own experience.

Just the right amount of brim to provide a respite from the summer sun.

The design is perfect, comes in 4 sizes and I love how I was able to fussy cut the fabric so it looks as if the horses are galloping around the hats in a never ending run.

From left to right are sizes Medium, Small and Large.
To help the girls sort out which hat belongs to which girl, I made the inside or reversible option differ from one another.  Okay, so there are 2 sewn up in dots, but not the same dots. ;o)

I do love a good hat pattern and this one will top off their summer outfits in pretty style, don't you agree?


  1. OMG those hats are deliciously girly - and great idea to make them all a bit different, so it'll be easy for the girls to tell them apart :) I love that pattern - I've used it several times myself!

  2. You made hats!!!!! These are TOO cute! And how clever to make different linings! I hope you get a photo of those dear little girls wearing their lovingly made outfits!

  3. Adorable hats Katherine! It was really nice running into you at Chapters! So true that you meet the nicest people by "accident"! Love the blog!

  4. These are just too cute! Too bad I don't have a little girl.

  5. I have made one of the bucket hats from her book and I agree that the instructions were wonderful (it was my first hat I made). Love your version!

  6. Love those never-ending galloping horse hats! Clever, cute and functional!! What more could you ask for? Well done.

  7. They are adorable! I really want to try making a hat. It has been on my list for quite some time. Maybe you can give me a lesson?!


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