Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tutorial: How to sew 8 HST units from 2 squares

Yesterday, I mentioned I have been making more HST for a baby quilt and I gave this link to the chart for making 8 HST units from two squares of fabric. Today, as I was sewing more of them, I thought I would walk you through the process with a step by step, photo tutorial. 

Here is the link to the chart giving you the breakdown for the size of squares to start with and the size of the 8 HST you will end up with. (I tried to find the original source for this chart but couldn't locate it - if you know it, please let me know and I will happily credit the source).
Let me show you just how easy this method of sewing multiple HSTs from 2 fabrics can be...

Hope you find this helpful!
What to do with 8 matching HST units?  Here's one idea....


  1. It is such a nifty method, isn't it? Thanks for the reminder!

  2. thank you for sharing!seems quicker.. will have a go next time!

  3. I love that technique and will give it a try. Your stars look very cute!

  4. So much faster than doing them 1 or 2 at a time - and more accurate, I'd wager!

  5. this is my favorite method~
    for the simple star, I usually make 4 flying geese, but I bet this way is quicker!

  6. Hi Katherine! Very good! And your Fabrics are beautiful! I haven't tried this - only with two squares so that I sew all around and then cut from corner to corner to get 4 of them. x Teje

  7. Great tute! Will certainly give it a try!


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