Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Swirling Star Blocks

I'm squeezing in time to work on the baby quilt I started earlier this month, but I needed to make a few new half square triangles.  I needed a total of eight HSTs for each star block, so I made eight at a time using a square of background fabric and the same sized square of contrast fabric.  This method is so quick and easy!  You save time sewing only two seam lines (diagonally - to make an "X" - across those 2 squares which are placed right sides together) and then you can cut 8 finished HSTs from it.  Simple, right? All that's needed after that, is a bit of trimming and you end up with 8 sets of matching HSTs!
Trimming my newest HSTs to the finished size - each set of 8 started as 2 squares of fabric!

 I'm adding 4 pairs of HST to surround them, to make them look as if they're spinning.

Here's where my portable design board is invaluable - I can lay out two blocks at a time and take them to the sewing machine for accurate piecing.

Ta-da!  One block done... eight to go. ;o)


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  2. ... deleted my previous comment because it had a typo, lol :D

    Ta da -- pretty! They ARE going to swirl when the piecing is done - perpetual motion!

  3. Oh those blocks are cool and they do look like they are spinning! It will be fun to see them all sewed together in a quilt.

  4. They look fabulous-very swirly indeed! This is going to be a fun quilt!

  5. Fun block. I can't wait to see several together!

  6. I'm liking this colour combination... it kind of reminds me of the fuchsia/gold colour way of Mendocino. Lovely!

  7. Hi Katherine! Looks beautiful! In your First photo, the pink Fabrics on the left side is one of my dear favourites - I have still small piece of it. Great block! x Teje

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  9. Fab blocks Katherine, the bits round the edge really do add movement to the star


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