Monday, September 15, 2014

All in a week

Happily, the amazing snowfall that surprised us right out of warm, lovely weather a week ago finally melted off over the weekend.  That storm knocked out our power along with over 50,000 other residents last Wednesday and assaulted nearly every deciduous tree in the city.  Seriously.  You would not believe the number of branches that were split from trees due to the weight of all that snow.  Some trees were literally broken to pieces and will have to be cut down.  So sad.  A week later, our weather has swung back up into the low 20s and if it wasn't for all the damage to the trees, I would think last week's heavy snow fall and freezing temps were a bad dream!
Fall has returned and I'm happy to mark it with pulling out a few autumn coloured fabrics to work with.

A lovely benefit to being without power, is that without certain electronic distractions (or the ability to cook meals or run the vacuum)  I had plenty of time to focus on a some of my design ideas.  I spent most of the day wrapped in a quilt and working out the math for a couple of projects I want to make. 

A day without power, meant a day of going "low tech" while wrapped up in a quilt.

A few hours without power can make you realize how much we can take things for granted.  I am so grateful to all those utility workers for getting the power up and running before the end of the day.

This week begins  with sunshine, warmth and a birthday celebration.  A cake was baked and enjoyed now I'm left trying to figure out how my baby can be 20 already.  My memory tells me reaching 20 years of age took me a lot longer than it did for him! Time seems to pass faster now.  Really, what is it about motherhood that makes time speed up so much? ;o)

Here's to a wonderful week!


  1. Seriously... Snow?

    Congratulations with your son’s 20th birthday! Isn’t it amazing how 20 years can fly by so fast?!

  2. Quiet time - something we all need at times - but we truly do miss all our conveniences, don't we!

  3. I'm glad you made it through having no power...we do take it for granted that we can just flip a switch! Time really does fly by so quickly. Beautiful fall fabrics!

  4. Happy Birthday to your son! I am loving your fall inspired prints you picked out!

  5. Glad you made it through Snowtember - for future reference, it's supposed to be Summer, Fall, Winter - not Summer, Winter, Summer, Fall, Winter. Write it down! :) Last Christmas when we had our monstrous snow and ice storms, I emailed our power company when we got our power back, to thank them for their hard work - we were lucky that ours was only out for a short time compared to others, but I wanted to let them know their efforts were appreciated! Our end of the street took a big hit with trees being downed - it looked quite forlorn with the branches all over the place, until they removed them. Then it just looked BARE (and still does, now!) :(

  6. P.S. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We saw our nephew tonight - he moved to Calgary last winter and is here visiting his parents in Toronto. He's doing fabulously, and LOVES Alberta compared to Ontario :) He wasn't able to find a good job here and was getting very depressed about it, so it is FANTASTIC to see how well he's doing, even though we would rather have him here than there :D So on behalf of our family in Ontario, a big THANK YOU for taking care of our Mark ... is sent to Calgary via this very blog comment! :D

  7. Oh those poor trees. :(
    Well... glad it's gotten warmer!

  8. I can't believe you've already had snow!! that just unbelievable...a bit too "day after tomorrow" if you ask me!!

    Glad you're getting back to normal now :o)


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