Saturday, November 15, 2014

Blogathon Canada 2014

Guess what starts on Monday?!?
Sew Sisters Blog
Blogathon Canada is a fun blog hop celebrating Canadian quilt bloggers and is sponsored by the lovely ladies at Sew Sisters.  It's a great way to make new friends as you virtually take a trip across Canada, stopping at host blogs in each province  (click here for the full schedule). 
Plus, along the way, you have chances to win some lovely prizes. ;o)

I can hardly believe a year has passed, but it's time for Blogathon Canada 2014!  I had so much fun being a host in 2013 and enjoyed the oppportunity to chose fabric from Sew Sisters to hold a giveaway for.  The fabrics I selected inspired me to design a pillow which I turned into a
So mark your calendars for Monday and have fun hopping across Canada!


  1. I remember that project, and I remember that post! I was reading your post in my blog reader so I hopped over to your blog to check it out, and noticed that in the comment I made back then, I mentioned having just bought 8m of Christmas fabric from Sew Sisters. And it made me realize that I probably have most of that fabric left - I need to go check my box, lol!


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