Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It's time

The cold temperatures and snow have me thinking I need to change out the fall décor. 

It means I get to pull out my favourite pillow covers! Nothing says cheery like bright happy colours.  These cushion covers make me smile - even if I'm trudging off to help my hubby on a kitchen install in this wintery weather  (reminding me once again that I really need to sew some seat covers for those too cold seats in our truck...Brrrrrr...). ;o)

P.S.  If you're interested in making your own cushion covers ...here's the link for my pattern,
 the "Oh, Joy!" patchwork pillow and here's the link to the Diamond Pillow Pattern designed by my friend Amanda Jean (I appliqued a snowman -posted here - that I designed into the center using her diamond pillow pattern).


  1. Such a contrast to the sunshine and warmth we are experiencing 'downunder'. And everyone in the northern hemisphere always seems to get ready for Christmas way earlier than we do here- probably because the end of the school year has to be tackled first! Your cushions are very joyful, BTW!

  2. I love these pillows! They certainly are a wonderful way to kick off the season :)

  3. But - but - but I'm not READY for the cold weather yet - can't we have fall for a couple more months? Until - say - March, then we can have spring? Please? :D When I left this morning @ 7:10 it was 3C ... that's not a good sign of things to come! :(

  4. What beautiful colors and "happy" cushions!

  5. So bright and cheery. I'll be pulling out my version of your Joy pillow in a couple of weeks.

  6. Those pillows will certainly cheer a person up during these cold days. They are calling for a high of 24 F here (-4.5 C). We've certainly seen a wide range of temperatures so far on this new adventure Dave and I have embarked upon!

    Stay warm while helping your hubby.

  7. Those pillows definitely shout out some cheery feelings to get us in the mood for cold weather...sweet!


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