Thursday, November 20, 2014

More Sweetness

 Joanna at Shape Moth  designed the cutest paper pieced blocks for her Sew Sweet QAL.  You can find all the blocks available in Joanna's Craftsy shop (click here).

I'm having a blast using intense colours for my versions (big surprise, right? ;o).

I'm developing a sweet tooth for paper piecing, thanks to Joanna. They really are addictive (and thankfully calorie free ;o).


  1. How sweet Katherine! I have had ice cream in my mind for a long time - this looks beautiful! x Teje

  2. I love when you use bright fun colours - the blocks (or other projects) are always so striking and fun :) Your cone and donut look delicious (and low cal, which are 2 words/phrases that are rarely found in the same sentence :D) - whatever you make with this collection is going to be YUMMY!

  3. Not only are they calorie free, you're bound to be burning calories as you make them. Love the bright colors!

  4. The donut is genius! And looks delicious!


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