Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Is it a forest yet?

I'm referring to the Christmas tree blocks I have stitched using Julianna's fantastic paper piecing pattern from her Last Minute Christmas Sampler QAL.   I've been totally smitten with making trees using her fun pattern!

Somewhere along the way, I decided that I wanted a good mix of colour in all of my blocks, which meant I needed to do a bit of "editing" to make sure to include blue, green and pink or purple in each block.

  Since my first two blocks mostly featured green trees, I removed one tree from each of those blocks to mix in with two new trees.

This block was one that I "edited".  I removed the original tree (from the far left) and added it to the block shown in the second picture in this post.

The result? Some wild coloured trees!

 Christmas trees that are anything but traditional. ;o)

This is the second block I edited by removing the tree on the far left and replacing with one in different colours.  Still not sure if I will keep the replacement tree or try another fabric for it. ;o)

Now I need to decide if I will be sewing these together to make a fun finish on their own... or if I will be adding in some of Julianna's other QAL designs.


  1. This is a real forest! And so fun and interesting at the same time. I can imagine a table runner or something else made only with these lovely trees. Or mixed them with something else. Whatever you decide, I'm sure it will be gorgeous!

  2. This is exactly what I wanted to do with this pattern-make a whole forest! Yours are really gorgeous- the colour palette is fresh and modern!

  3. I would love to take a walk in this bright, happy forest! Makes me smile!

  4. Your trees are so cute. I really like your fun colors. Can't wait to see how they all grow in the forest together.

  5. It is indeed a forest, and a very pretty one at that

  6. Wonderful!!! It could be funny Christmas quilt too :)

  7. It's definitely looking like a forest - I think it needs a flying reindeer (or 9!) to complete it! I'm sure the "editing" was a royal PITA (the worst kind of froggy stitching around because of the tiny stitch length!) but the trees look fantastic in the colours - good choice :D

  8. I can see the forest through the trees here. I think this would be neat with the blocks together maybe with some additional blocks done in reverse to mix it up a little. Love the colors you picked, it's quite the party forest that way!

  9. You always have such a gift for picking colors and prints. The background works perfectly against the fun bright tree colors!

  10. Well now, that's certainly going to be a tree-t! Wonderful@

    Happy sewing... Happy Sunday...

  11. yes I would say it is a forest in the summer with kites... so cool


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