Saturday, January 31, 2015

A good month

Just like that and the first month of a new year is finished.  A month I spent away from blogging but sewing for all three of my guys - from fleece hats and slippers; to cozy hoodies, T-shirts and flannel lounge pants.  Not one bit of quilting or patchwork of any kind for the whole month. 
Pink + Red = a favourite colour combo and extra yummy in flannel! Pretty pleased with the buttonholes made using my vintage Singer 15-91.
 Lovely dotted flannel jammies and a fleece hoodie for myself, rounded out the clothing makes for the month.  All very satisfying and all well received (and it still makes my mama heart happy to see my grown-up sons wearing those handmade duds with the same appreciation - albeit more design contribution - as they had as boys).  No wonder I just kept sewing and sewing for them all month. ;o)

Love that bit of ribbon for the pajama shirt pocket and that I had the perfect vintage buttons to finish the front.
 With my whole month spent not blogging... I missed sharing with you a really special handmade gift.

Imagine my surprise and delight to receive these gorgeous handknit socks from my generous and talented friend, Maria,  better known as Maja from Maja's Paradise (she also tucked in some fabric goodness as a part of her gift to me, but these socks are the show stopper!).

I absolutely love handknit socks and these are so warm and cozy.  I'm totally smitten with the colours  of the yarn she chose too (she knows me so well!).  Thanks sweet friend!

All that winter clothing sewing is nearly at an end.  I love the fleece hoodie I made for myself so much that I'm wanting to make another. ;o)  Looks like my serger will keep busy a little while more, but don't worry, I've also got some quilting projects in the works.

Coincidentally, during my month long clothing sewing spree, I received an email from
generously offering all my readers a discount of 20% off your first order using the code: SewMeSomethingGood2015 at checkout.


  1. That dotted flannel is gorgeous. I would love to have a. Pyama made with this flannel..... And those socks are also great. Such beautiful colors.

  2. Those socks are wonderful. Congrats on your wins, beautiful material.

  3. Beautiful socks, such a wonderful gift.

  4. Ok now I am in awe, you sew and knit? Gorgeous!

  5. Those socks are stunning - what a precious gift! And a month of sewing for loved ones sounds lovely.

  6. Those PJ's look so cozy and soft! I love the little trim you added to the pocket. The socks you received are just too beautiful too!

  7. Of course you know how much I will love those PJs! Spots galore in pink and red! Wonderful!

  8. Love those comfy looking PJ's. The ribbon on the pocket, and the vintage buttons are the icing on the cake. The socks are gorgeous!!!

  9. Love your new PJ's! And the socks are gorgeous!

  10. I was drooling over the red and pink fabric in the jams ... until I saw the socks. LOVE. Love. love. LOOOOOVE :) They're like a patchwork quilt ... but in yarn ... socks!

  11. Oh, Katherine!
    I must have missed this Blogging!
    Thanks for your nice words and your bloggingfriends words!
    There's a secret with there yarn. I mixed two different skeins.
    Check inside the foot and you'll see there is a little twist all there way down to the toe.
    Kram// Maja


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