Thursday, February 12, 2015

Scraps makes my heart skip

I'm almost embarrassed to show yet another in progress project with you.  This time around, a sheet of Valentine stickers  inspired me to grab my scraps for a bit of patchwork.

I had fun selecting different prints from my scraps to cut the heart appliques and then playing with pairing them with solids.  Not certain if I will leave the appliques with raw edges or if I'll satin stitch them to the background squares.  All this scrap stash busting is giving me lots of projects to turn into finishes and providing some energizing colour to brighten grey winter days in my sewing room. ;o)


  1. My heart is skipping at the cute polka dot fabrics - especially the red dots on pink ... on purple for extra kick! Such a sweet project - how big are those blocks? Is this a tablerunner sized project, or a baby quilt, or ... ?

  2. So beautiful, Katherine! Delicious colours and cute with the hearts! Ispires me to make raw edge applique. x Teje

  3. Lovely quilt with so many yummie colors!

  4. Just in time for Valentine's Day, m'dear! I can tell that scraps make your heart beat faster too.

    Wishing you and your sweetie a lovely Valentine's weekend.

  5. Gorgeous! Don't ever be embarrassed to post more heart blocks. They are lovely.


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