Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Stash - gifts from a sweet friend

I received a surprise package earlier this month from a wonderful friend in Sweden.  This lady is beyond generous and is often delighting me with something lovely in my mailbox.

Maja sent me some special Tilda fabrics, knowing how much I love Tone Finnanger designs. Maybe you remember my Babushka doll craze? or my favourite needle books? fabric cupcakes?  and Tilda dolls? All those projects are Tilda designs.  Honestly, I think I have sewn so many projects from her Sew Pretty Homestyle  and Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle books because of all the lovely Tilda fabrics they were made with ;o).

Such a pretty mix of Tilda prints that I'm looking forward to making something special from. 
Now I get to add these special fabrics to my Tilda fabrics stash (ahem...this stash is all from Maja - yes, she spoils me!  I'll say it again, she's generous and thoughtful.)

My first pieces of Tilda fabrics all came from my friend Maja.  She sent this last year and I've been hoarding them for something special. ;o)
I'm still kicking around ideas of what I will be making with such pretties, but thought you might enjoy some fabric eye candy. ;o)

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  1. What a wonderful gift to get in the mail from a friend. Beautiful material!

  2. Oh, you have a really lovely friend! And I can´t wait to see new project in Tilda style! :) Jolana

  3. Yummy! I've only just discovered Tone/Tilda products and books....LOVE them!

  4. What lovely fabrics from your sweet friend. And tied up with that adorable heart ribbon. That alone would be fun to work into a project.

  5. How wonderful to have so many different Tilda designs.

  6. Oh, Katherine!
    Thanks for the beautiful words you wrote about me!
    When I buy more Tilda fabrics there will be some more for you again!
    I just found out that I can order them from a shop in my hometown.
    The problem is that we have to buy them by the whole meter, but I know I will do that some day;-)

  7. That fabric is mouthwatering!! Scrappy log cabins perhaps?


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