Friday, May 15, 2015

Buds of May

My second entry in the Nuanced Neons contest is all about taking those bright neon Spring greens and pairing them with pinks.
It's my way of paying homage to the tree in the backyard that is currently bursting with these gorgeous buds of pink.
 Above, the lovely Spring buds in my backyard.  Below, is the Design Seeds palette I based my fabric choices on.

All this virtual fabric mixing and matching is so much fun!

Buds of May
Thank you, Rachel (from Stitched in Color) for hosting the contest and Pam (from Mad About Patchwork) for being the sponsor.  My long weekend is off to a fun and colourful start!

Edited to add **You can vote for your 2 favourite fabric mosaics in the contest starting Friday, May 22 - through noon (eastern U.S. time) on Monday the 25th (click here to vote). 


  1. Luscious! Love the pink and green combo. Your Design Seeds palette is simply yummy. Gorgeous photo filled post! Enjoy your weekend, Katherine!

  2. It's a lovely color combo. That center fabric picks them all up perfectly.

  3. Oh heavens I love this mix - if I hadn't just bought (don't tell!) 32y of fabric @ Joanns this past weekend I'd be awfully tempted to grab a couple of those prints!


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