Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Stash: Even prettier in person

Can you believe it?

This is the prize I received from Mad About Patchwork for my winning mosaic in the Nuanced Neon Contest last month. 

Truly, couldn't be happier with how gorgeous these fabrics are in person.  That butterfly print has especially caught my fancy.  Wouldn't it be perfect for some fussy cutting?

{Spring Promises}
Top, left to right Linen Mochi Dot in Teal ; Cotton + Steel Dottie in Bluebird; Playful Bowling Alley in Aqua
  Biology Structure in CitronNatural History Butterflies in Green;
Bottom, left to right: The Sweet Life Dots in Sappy GreenMochi in SkySun Prints Mercury in Chartreuse; Oval Elements in Peacock
I do have some plans for these pretties, but at the moment they are nestled on my design table, where I can longingly admire and pet them. sigh.

I'm in the midst of some birthday gift makes (third prototype is the charm ;o), so they will have to wait a little while longer before I give in to the temptation of cutting them up.

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P.S. If you're keen on any of these fabrics, be sure to pop by Mad About Patchwork for lots of fun stash enhancing.


  1. Wouldn't it be great if - in Quilting Heaven - we could start something new and fun and exciting every time we got new and fun and exciting fabric ... but without increasing our UFO count!
    *clicks heels 3X*
    *There's no place like Quilting Heaven ... there's no place like Quilting Heaven ... there's no place like Quilting Heaven* ;)

  2. That material is absolutely stunning. I love it! Congrats on the win.

  3. That collection is so pretty!! Don't worry, I know you'll 'find' time to cut and sew. Are you going to pre-wash and dry them?

  4. Those fabrics are yumiest,love them all and your fabric eye.Have fun playing with them!,

    Thanks you for your nice comment and for stopping by.
    Have a fun week.

  5. Oh, how lovely! That butterfly print is just divine!

  6. These are pretty fabrics! Don't you just love a win?! I'm sure you will make many gorgeous items with these!

  7. Beautiful fabrics, lucky you.
    Lucy (

  8. Gorgeous fabrics! Love the butterflies and that bowling alley print is so fun! I think I need that one. ;-)

  9. Oh yes winning fabrics is the best, especially when they look like that - well done

  10. These are beautiful fabrics! You will make something gorgeous from them!

  11. Well done on your win, these are so pretty!


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