Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Red Bento Blocks for Canada Day!

Surprise! I've got another bento block quilt in the works, which coincidentally, is in the colours of my country's flag. Great timing, right? ;o)
  It seems I just didn't get the craving for these blocks (tutorial, here) out of my system, despite having sewn them for everything from placemats (here), pillows (here), a quilt (here)... oh, and for recovering the seats of our kitchen chairs (here).  Now that's either being smitten with a design or just plain crazy, right? ;o)  Either way, here's where I'm at.
Blocks are awaiting the final layout and then I can sew the quilt top together!  I even have a backing fabric picked out and waiting.
There's enough blocks for a new quilt, made and placed on the design wall for some layout tweaking. The fun thing about making these blocks scrappy is that each quilt will be unique.  Yes, some fabrics appear in both versions, but there's lots of new, fun prints in this version (less creams this time around and more variety in low volume white prints - especially love those wee ladybugs and the tiny toadstools that found their way into this version).

I'm actually planning this to be a cozy lap quilt for winter, as my first choice for the backing is flannel.  Don't even want to dwell on that at the moment though as this is July and time to enjoy the warmth and beauty of summer time. ;o)

Hoping your first day of July is something to celebrate! 
Happy Canada Day!


  1. Happy Canada Day...............love the red and white...................

  2. It's gorgeous all n red! Happy Canada Day!

  3. Happy Canada Day! I love your red and white bento. I have been wanting to make a red and white quilt for a long time.

  4. Red and white in a quilt? Yes, please! It is lovely, you will have a beautiful quilt for winter! I have been working in some red and white blocks, but have not blogged about them yet, it's almost an insane project...

  5. Happy Canada Day, Katherine! How appropriate that I was working on a red and white block yesterday (our 1st July!) I love this pattern- I have never made it, so maybe I should....so many quilts, so little time!

  6. Happy Canada Day! What a beautiful and appropriate quilt! Nope, don't think about lap quilt season....you must enjoy a few more months of summer first.

  7. Happy Canada Day, Katherine!! In those lovely reds and whites your quilt will span the seasons from Christmas through to Valentines.

  8. Happy Canada Day! I really like how to combined the red prints with the low volume ones. It is so scrappy and happy!


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