Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Stash - The Heather Bailey Edition

I'm enjoying a rainy Sunday this weekend, with no complaints because it's a lovely break from the hot and dry days we have been having.  This summer has been difficult for many areas of Western Canada due to hot, dry weather which has led to an extraordinary number of wildfires.  Having experienced living in an area destroyed by wildfire (back in 2003... wow, cannot believe it's been that long ago), my thoughts and prayers are with those being affected.  I'm also hoping that rain will fall on those areas that most need it. Balance in Nature is such a delicate thing, isn't it?

Thanks to the rain, you will find me inside today looking forward to spending some time playing in my sewing room.

All of the pretty fabrics shared in my post today are from one designer - Heather Bailey (from her Lottie Da and Up Parasol lines) and as you can see, I had fun treating myself to quite a few of her fabrics during an online sale a few months back.

I even have some recently finished items made from the last group pictured.  Seems this colour combination is my number one choice lately, it's just so fresh and pretty. ;o)

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  1. Such pretty fabric collections. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

  2. Kelowna fire! I lived in Westbank that summer and was part of the crew doing Bard at the Vineyard!

  3. oh I hope the fires get good rain very soon..............
    love your fabrics.........

  4. Enjoy your playing! :) It is great, that the nature in your area welcomed the rainy time. Such a refreshing! And btw: you have wonderful collections!

  5. They are all pretty! Some rain is good! We are melting in my side of the world, air conditioning is being a good friend...

  6. Beautiful fabrics! I purchased an Up Parasol Jelly Roll a few months back. I haven't dared to open it lol. I love your last collection! I can see why you find it so pretty :)

  7. Hermosas telas !!!!! Seguro tendrás un proyecto magnífico !!!!
    Soy de Argentina de la provincia de Córdoba en mi ciudad los incendios forestales son desbastadores cuando hace calor o hay mucha sequia, la lluvia es nuestra bendición ojalá llueva también en los lugares que lo necesitan. Muchas bendiciones para todos los afectados por el fuego. Cariños


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