Tuesday, August 18, 2015


 Three Sprout blocks (click here) made from my green scraps.  Block design by Tracey from TraceyJay Quilts.
I celebrated my birthday yesterday, with some scrappy sewing in my birthstone's colour (Peridot).  It didn't even occur to me until today, as I looked at these photos. What a fun coincidence! I'm not prejudiced against green (those in the Peridot range of colour, often catch my eye), but it's rare that I will make something with green as the focus colour in my project.  Until yesterday, that is.
Making Sprout Blocks has been on my must-sew-list for quite awhile now.

 How could I resist diving into my scraps, cutting up little green squares, with the wonderful Sprout block that Tracey designed as my inspiration (saved on this Pinterest board)!

Lots of additions to the scrap basket - this particular one is usually only for the very smallest sized scraps. Filling it is the best way to motivate me to get more scrappy sewing underway. ;o)
Funny thing, I seem to have made more (albeit smaller ;o) scraps after cutting up all those scrappy squares. Perhaps there will be more scrappy sewing to do (such as adding those greens with some blues for this ongoing project).  ;o)


  1. Happy birthday!!! And what a delightful way to celebrate! Green is beautiful and this peridot shade is perfect!

  2. Oh, the 17: of August?
    Wonder Why I through it was in July?
    Well, Happy Birthday dear Katherine!
    I love those leaves and they are on my "to do list"!
    I have starten to love green to!

  3. Happy Birthday! Sewing with your birthstone color is a great little celebration.

  4. Happy Birthday! You block is beautiful! I love peridot!

  5. Happy Birthday Katherine !!! Your peridot scrappy block is so gorgeous!

  6. Happy birthday my dear friend. I love the green but honestly i am more a red/orange girl.....

  7. Happy belated birthday, Katherine! I love the greens.....anything except Kelly green. Hope you had a wonderful day!

  8. Very fun! Hope you had a fun birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday! I hope you had an excellent day.


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