Wednesday, August 26, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Summer scraps

Scraps in the colours of summer pieced and quilted (using a built in wave stitch on my machine).
  A scrappy finish is within reach for me this week, as you can see from the photo above.  I've had a couple of evening sessions dedicated to using up scraps in a range of pinks and oranges.  Since I keep my scraps sorted by colour, it's pretty easy for me to control the palette of my project, if I want to.  It also makes obvious favourite fabric colours, as those are the bins that tend to fill the fastest. ;o)

Months ago, I got started on stitching my smallest bits of fabric in these colours into improv blocks, in an attempt to slim down the pile, then put them aside.  This week, I pulled the hand full of blocks back out of storage and started adding larger bits and wonky strips to the mix. 
Small scraps are the start of most of my improv blocks.
 Inevitably, I also started more blocks because I was having too much fun and wanted to see just how far I could go, using nothing but leftovers/scraps.

I'm slowly covering my design wall with all those irregular blocks, in hopes of making a quilt.
It's been amazing!  I'm adding in random bits of solids to fill spaces and to join my improv blocks  - with the added benefit of busting more leftover bits of fabric, the solids give much needed negative space to the patchwork.

I'm still busting those scraps and playing with a bit of a layout for a potential quilt, but I've also managed to work out a smaller project that has now been quilted (shown at the beginning of this post).  Love me some scrappy sewing. ;o)

Linking up this week's work-in-progress with Lorna and friends at Sew Fresh Quilts.

Sew Fresh Quilts


  1. I adore the oranges and pinks! These colors are so exciting to me! I have long loved these colors together. Loving it!

  2. This looks very nice - another beautiful scrappy project !!!

  3. So fun! Bright, cheery, and definitely busy!

  4. This looks all so bright and happy Katherine! I can tell you are having lots of fun with these scraps!

  5. Hi Katherine! Do we ever get tired of these adorable colours?! And scraps - oh dear scraps! Small scraps make it possible to get all those beautiful colours really mixed together! This is going to be amazing! x Teje

  6. This is going to be great, Katherine!
    My kind of patchwork!
    Love those colors!
    Kram Maja

  7. Gorgeous colours and a fun scrappy design, Katherine! I love it!

  8. So cheerful! Love the cheerful colors!

  9. Your bright scraps hold all the cheeriness of summer!


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