Monday, September 7, 2015

Circle of Favourites

It's a long weekend, the last one of the summer season and I thought it would be the perfect time to share a project I've been working on as the result of winning a prize during Fabric Spark's the 2015 Summer of Fabric Love.  Daryl has been treating us to some wonderful promotions all summer long from her lovely shop and if you hurry (before midnight today), you can receive a free mystery fat quarter (click for details). 

During one of her promotional giveaways, I happened to be the lucky winner of a mini charm pack from Daryl.  I was delighted as this pack is a collection of favourites from Carolyn Friedlander!  That means that along with various favourite designs from Carolyn's lines, there is also basics from Robert Kaufman fabrics (like some Essex linen!).  A lovely and inspiring assortment that I happily dove into. ;o)

Love these Carolyn Friedlander subtle prints in blue.

Mini charms are like bon-bons! Sweet bites of wonderfulness and a great way to sample without overindulging. ;o)
 Essex linen + mini charms = a circle of favourites!
Initially, I considered using this pillow pattern that I designed especially for mini charms, but each layout I played with didn't feel quite right.  Then I remembered the "Don't Be Square" pattern by Erin from Two More Seconds, found in the book, Pillow Pop. The design seemed to be the perfect match for those mini charms!  I love the change of colours as you go round the design.   I couldn't resist sharing this first WIP using those charms (more projects to come as I still have leftover mini charms), even though I'm still pondering over how I will quilt this circle of favourites.

Hope your last long weekend of summer has been a good one!

P.S.  If you're looking for a last hurrah to the Summer of Fabric Love (and a free mystery fat quarter), don't forget to visit Fabric Spark before midnight Sept. 7th!


  1. wow, this is so great, I had a couple of ideas myself for those little charms, but I like yours way better
    thanks for sharing

  2. This is lovely and looks like it'd be fun to make!

  3. It's a great pattern and it is perfect for those fabrics!


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