Saturday, October 10, 2015

Circle of Favourites Pillow

Maybe you remember my earlier post on this project?  A really fun design for turning mini charms into a pillow?  I especially love this finish, as it features some favourite prints from Carolyn Friedlander (mini charms thanks to Daryl at Fabric Spark and her lovely giveaway prize!).
 "Don't Be Square" pattern by Erin from Two More Seconds, found in the book, Pillow Pop

Robert Kaufman fabrics star in this project; along with the Collection of Favourites mini charms, I used Essex Linen for the background, then more Carolyn Friedlander for the binding. Love it!

A simple cross hatch for quilting adds texture and also plays up the mini charms.

This little beauty  has been finished for a couple of weeks, but it took until today for me to capture a photo of it.  Thankfully, the glorious weather this week - lots of sunshine and temperatures in the 20s Celsius continued for today.  I've been so busy working (installing two kitchens/day in a multi unit complex with my hubby) that I haven't had the opportunity to use this weather for picture taking... until today.  Here's hoping our wonderful fall weather continues!

Happy weekend to you all,
 and a Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers!


  1. So lovely Katherine! You must share a photo of the kitchen work you do! Sounds interesting....

  2. This turned out so pretty. I love the crosshatch quilting on it.

  3. Lovely, modern pillow and a great use of charms! Your fall leaves are a bit ahead of ours...looks so crispy and cool! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Just wonderful! So simple and sweet. I think cross hatching is the perfect finish!

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  6. So pretty and modern. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Pretty pillow - the charm squares look like a wreath :) I hope you had a great Thanksgiving - the weather this past weekend was fantastic - we didn't even need our fall coats most of the time :D I *like* it! ;)

  8. What a beautiful finish! I am glad you are having such great weather, I hope the cold stays away for at least another month or two.


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